About Swoop’s Blog

Swoop Patagonia is a free online Patagonian advisory service. We help people organise adventure holidays in Patagonia, just Patagonia. We take real pleasure in helping people find the best adventure for their experience, dates, budget and appetite for adventure.

We know that Patagonia is a vast region, with all sorts of possibilities to explore, but sometimes finding practical information about getting there can be difficult. So through our blog we hope to inspire and inform by sharing our own experiences and those of people we’ve met along the way (whilst at the same time spreading the word about this beautiful corner of the world.)

If you’ve got a story to tell and would like to write a guest blog post, or you’re thinking about visiting Patagonia, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, feel free to ask us any Patagonia-related questions.

About the authors:

Luke_for_About_Us_page_cropped Luke Errington fell in love with Patagonia when he first visited the region in 1999. He’s an avid trekker, marathon runner and adventure racer who has travelled extensively in South America and around the world.

Luke’s most memorable spots in Patagonia are the Paso John Garner in Torres del Paine National Park, the Rio Serrano and the Marconi Glacier. On his last visit Luke climbed to within 500m of the summit of Aconcagua and ran a 3 day ultra-marathon around the volcanoes of northern Patagonia.

Sally_Mt._Tronodor_ArgentinaSally Dodge 
is a true Patagonian enthusiast. Having worked as an English teacher and Tour leader in Chile and Argentina throughout the last 8 years, she has has a wide and diverse knowledge of Patagonia.

Sally’s favourite places in Patagonia are Chiloe Island, Torres Del Paine, El Chalten, the Lake DIstrict and the Beagle channel.

Harriet_croppedHarriet Pike first started planning a trip to Patagonia at the age of 14 when her parents returned from a holiday there. Four years later she went to work in the remote Patagonian region of Aysen where she discovered trekking, the great outdoors…and her future husband. From this base she went on to trek in Torres del Paine and throughout Patagonia, Bolivia and Peru before going to University.

When Harriet returned to the Andes she did so with her bicycle and spent two and half years biking and mountaineering throughout the Andes, climbing 8 of the 12 highest Andean peaks completely independently.

Harriet joined Swoop in 2014 and on her most recent visit to Torres del Paine and El Chalten she checked out both the traditional hiking trails and some off the beaten track trails that she likes helping our customers to discover.

Chloe-Cropped Chloe O’Keeffe is Swoop’s resident wildlife fanatic! She has travelled all around the globe in search of creatures great and small… tracking the ‘Big 5’ in South Africa, scuba diving with Manta Rays on the Great Barrier Reef and Whale Sharks in the Indian Ocean, and most recently spotting Leopards, endangered Sloth Bears and Blue Whales in Sri Lanka.

Having joined Swoop in 2013 as a temporary personal assistant whilst completing her Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology, she became increasingly enticed in by the excitement, adventure and diverse wildlife of Patagonia, and officially became Swoop’s Wildlife specialist in April 2015!

In March 2016 Chloe is to finally venture to Patagonia to track the elusive Puma, kayak with Humpback whales, and discover more about Patagonia’s flora, fauna, and hiking opportunities. Having climbed Killimanjaro a few years ago, Chloe is keen to try her hand at some more hiking challenges, and what better place to start than Patagonia.