Author: Danny Middleton

Swoop Patagonia sales consultant Danny has worked as a guide in Chile's Torres del Paine and Patagonia National Parks. Having explored South America from top to bottom, he now spends his evenings guiding astronomy and astrophotography tours from his home in the Atacama Desert: the best place in the world for astrotourism.

Epic Adventures Los Glaciares

Why you don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy Los Glaciares National Park

Los Glaciares National Park is one of Argentina’s greatest jewels. It’s both the oldest and largest national park in the country and is famous for its world class trekking. But its 3000 square miles offer far more than just the opportunity to get your hiking boots on. It’s also home to some amazing sights including […]

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Epic Adventures

Tracking pumas in Torres del Paine

Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park has the largest concentration of pumas anywhere on earth. For many people they’re as much of a draw as the towering granite peaks that give the park its name. Pumas are the most widely distributed large predators in the Americas. Their range covers large chunks of Canada and the […]

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