Author: Iain Rylance

Iain is sales manager for the Swoop Patagonia team. He first travelled to Patagonia in 2015 and has returned every year since. Whilst he now manages our incredible team of Patagonia specialists, Iain previously spent six years building tailor-made itineraries to the region. He has been all over Chile & Argentina, from the hotspots of Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares to the lesser-visited corners of Tierra del Fuego & Aysen.

Cruise Epic Adventures

Adventure cruising to Cape Horn

‘A cruise for people who don’t like cruises’ is how one of my colleagues described it to me. I was in Ushuaia in Argentina, getting ready to sail one of Patagonia’s most spectacular expedition cruise routes, around Tierra del Fuego to Cape Horn and back to Punta Arenas in Chile onboard the Ventus Australis.  When […]

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Planning & Tips

Why we love Tierra Chiloé

Sometimes when you’re travelling, the place where you stay is as much of a draw as the destination itself. When you’re really lucky, the accommodation is its perfect complement, with its architecture and setting helping to draw out the sides of a place you never expected. The luxury lodge at Tierra Chiloé is one of […]

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