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Epic Adventures Los Glaciares

Expedition trekking on the Southern Patagonian Ice Field

‘We were like buffalo charging straight into the storm,’ was how one of my trekking companions described it. We were halfway through our week-long expedition, roped together as we picked our way across a glacier. Behind us, a black cloud was descending, whipped into menacing swirls by a ferocious wind. Ahead of us the air […]

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Danny’s Ice Cap Exploration

As the world’s third largest mass of ice, trekking and living on the Patagonian ice cap is a truly unique experience and a challenge. Danny contacted Swoop in May of last year looking for an experience that took him to the ice field for several days. Danny’s trip to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field started with […]

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Los Glaciares Reviews

Ali’s Trek and Ice Hike in Los Glaciares National Park

Ali returned at the end of January from a trek in Los Glaciares National Park, where he hiked in and around El Chalten, exploring the many mountains, glaciers, lakes and valleys around the dramatic Mount Fitz Roy. Here he tells us about his trip and his experience of booking with Swoop and our partners, and shares some fantastic photos and videos!

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