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Isla Magdalena Add on for Cascada Trips

Are you hoping to travel before March 2023?

Patagonia's a big trip and we know how crucial it is to get it right. As you’re considering travelling in the next couple of months, we want to be upfront with you…

Finding available accommodation is proving almost impossible in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks. While not uncommon, the pandemic has exacerbated the situation this year.

Alongside this, Swoop are also currently focused on ensuring that all of the logistics are in place for our booked travellers who are due to head south shortly.

Swoop has therefore decided to no longer accept any new bookings departing before the beginning of March 2023.

As alternative options, here’s what we suggest:

Option A:

Push your trip back and choose to travel instead in early 2023. April onwards has more accommodation options still available. The Patagonian autumnal colours are stunning and trails less crowded.

Option B:

Defer your Patagonia adventure by 12 months, benefitting by getting exactly the trip you want without compromise, and lock in plans now while there’s still good availability.

If you are able to be flexible on your travel dates, the next step would then be for us to arrange a time to talk through the options.

  • I want to travel before March 2023

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  • I’m flexible and could travel later

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Torres del Paine

Isla Magdalena Add on for Cascada Trips

Operator's Itinerary

Early in the morning, we’ll depart from our hotel in Punta Arenas and make a brief stop at the main office to meet our new travel companions.

Then we'll board the Zodiac, where we will listen to the captain explain safety procedures, the weather, and the day’s itinerary. We will start our oceanic adventure by heading north towards Magdalena Island where we’ll start to spot different types of marine life such as austral dolphins and whales. Here we’ll also have a great view of the islands of Tierra del Fuego, such as Contramaestre and Isabel. After arriving at Isla Magdalena, we will witness more than 150,000 penguins as we wander around and observe the penguins in their natural habitat.

After spending a bit of time on the island, it's time to board the Zodiac again and continue our journey to Marta Island. The ecological environment of this island is so fragile that we won’t disembark here but we will get close enough to see a beautiful colony of sea lions and other species. We’ll circle the island to admire the marine fauna, then head south back to Punta Arenas. Once we arrive at Laredo Dock, we'll be driven back to our hotel in Punta Arenas.

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