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Plug sockets and adaptors in Patagonia

Plug sockets and adaptors in Patagonia

Preparing your gear for a trip to somewhere as remote and wild as Patagonia can be a bit of a task, especially when you’ll be crossing borders between Argentina and Chile. We get lots of questions about kit lists, from the right sleeping bag to the best windproof jackets, but it’s mostly about plug sockets and adaptors.

It’s true that being able to recharge your camera whilst in the mountains of Torres del Paine or Chalten is a high priority for most Swoop clients! To answer this question once and for all, we thought we’d write a blog post, so you know exactly what to expect and which adaptor to bring.

In Chile, expect this type of plug, with 2 cylindrical prongs:

chilean plug socket


Chilean plug socket

In Argentina, the plug is a bit more unusual with holes for 3 flat prongs. However, the top prong doesn’t have a function, so adaptors include only the bottom two prongs.

Argentinian Plug Socket

Argentinian plug socket

When travelling in Patagonia, it’s usually best to buy a multi-adaptor which has adaptors for both Chile and Argentina in one. Amazon sells the one below here for approx £19, or you can find a cheaper version here.

For answers to other questions about your kit list get in touch or check out our Hiking Equipment List for the W Circuit.