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Understanding Argentina’s economy (and how to navigate it as a tourist)

We have a joke in Argentina that when God was creating the nations of the world he gave them all two virtues. France, for example, got wonderful food and avant-garde fashion. Italy received historic monuments and fast motorcars. Saudi Arabia was gifted oil and sand, and so he rattled through the countries. However, when it came […]

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Swoop’s Pick of Patagonian Restaurants

After many years working as a tour leader wining and dining clients night after night, Sally has had the chance of discovering, eating and thoroughly enjoying the very best that Patagonia has to offer. Below are just a few of her recommendations.

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Eco Yurt Camps in Torres del Paine

There are two main eco yurt camps in Torres del Paine: Patagonia Camp and EcoCamp. On the face of it, the two are very alike, in that they both provide yurt/ dome accommodation from where you can explore the national park on day excursions of your choice.

There are a few subtle differences however that are useful to know before making a decision, in order to make sure you to get what you want out of your trip. Hopefully the below will help you to decide which one is for you…

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