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Why we love Tierra Chiloé

Sometimes when you’re travelling, the place where you stay is as much of a draw as the destination itself. When you’re really lucky, the accommodation is its perfect complement, with its architecture and setting helping to draw out the sides of a place you never expected. The luxury lodge at Tierra Chiloé is one of […]

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Hotels Reviews

Luke Reviews Casita Chil-Hue, Chiloe

Britt and his wife have lived here for 15 years, and have built two cabanas and a couple of smaller lodges in the land around their home. You couldn’t ask for a host more knowledgeable of Chiloe’s history and culture and passionate about sharing it. He cooks a great breakfast too! I stayed in the […]

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Things to do

Isla de Chiloé, Chile

When Darwin visited Chiloé in 1835, he described the island as “the border of Christianity”, both in the geographical and spiritual sense. The brilliant researcher was marveled by the co-habitation achieved between Mapuche Indians and the Spanish conquerors over three centuries. This relationship has helped bring about a culture which can be appreciated today in […]

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