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Chance encounters in Patagonia

I’m working in a world that is so different from what I understood ‘business’ to mean when I started my career. Two recent experiences have confirmed in my mind that every chance encounter with someone new is an opportunity, but each requires a very genuine, open and human interaction, and the outcomes are typically unexpected. […]

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Things to do

Isla de Chiloé, Chile

When Darwin visited Chiloé in 1835, he described the island as “the border of Christianity”, both in the geographical and spiritual sense. The brilliant researcher was marveled by the co-habitation achieved between Mapuche Indians and the Spanish conquerors over three centuries. This relationship has helped bring about a culture which can be appreciated today in […]

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Travel Tips

The kit checklist.

Struggling to think what the necessary items are to pack for your great adventure? Want to make sure you’ve covered all eventualities and are prepared for anything and everything that Patagonia has in store for you? Use our checklist below to help make sure you’ve got everything covered. 1. Luggage Do NOT bring a hard, […]

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