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Why we love Tierra Chiloé

Sometimes when you’re travelling, the place where you stay is as much of a draw as the destination itself. When you’re really lucky, the accommodation is its perfect complement, with its architecture and setting helping to draw out the sides of a place you never expected. The luxury lodge at Tierra Chiloé is one of […]

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Hotel Review: Mitico Puelo – relaxing, tranquil, idyllic

Sally returned from her trip in Patagonia and came back with even more knowledge about the region, along with some tales of bird watching, she wrote about her different experiences of hotels in the region. Here she talks about the idyllic Mitico Puelo.

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Travel Tips

Where to Stay in Santiago

Although Santiago is a sprawling city, the city centre is quite compact with many of the historic buildings, bars and restaurants nestled together in just a few neighbourhoods. Below is a little description of each neighbourhood so you can see which area you think might suit you best.

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