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Steve and Annie’s hiking adventure in Torres del Paine

Steve and Annie’s hiking adventure in Torres del Paine

Steve and Annie recently came back from Patagonia where they visited the Queulat National Park and Torres del Paine. Read their advice for other travellers planning on doing a similar kind of trip.

Steve and Annie’s feedback:

All in all a great trip.  Your ability to customize the itinerary to meet our schedule was really good.  I would definitely recommend Swoop!  

Steve and Annie’s itinerary:

Steve and Annie started their Patagonia adventure in Puerto Marin Balmaceda, where they were driven to the The Queulat National Park, located in the Aysen Region of Patagonia. They enjoyed a day and a half in the wildlife rich park before leaving for Punta Arenas and making their way to Tierra Patagonia within Torres del Paine. Tierra Patagonia is a little bit of luxury within the wilderness and you can often spot guanaco, foxes, ñandú and a wide variety of birds from the comfort of your room. From this haven they enjoyed multiple activities and particularly enjoyed a hike called ‘Dagostino’ before heading back home via El Calafate.

How did you find your itinerary?

The 1 night in Raul Marin was not worth the extra hours to get there and back.  Fundos Los Leones is a lovely place…but I would recommend a 3 night minimum….there is not a lot to do there, (aside from the water) so it would have to be for someone who wants to chill for a few days.

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What were your highlights and how did you find our partners?

Quelat is a gorgeous place and 1 1/2 days were not enough time….  Especially since Ruta 7 was shut down from 1pm -5pm daily ( and will be for quite some time).  For us on this trip with the limited number of days en route from Futaleufu to Tierra Patagonia I would have skipped this bit and stayed in Futaleufu another day or two and then gone to Chaiten and ferried to Puerto Montt.  We completely enjoyed Tierra Patagonia.

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The guides were well trained and the excursions well designed and matched the descriptions in the materials.  I would especially recommend the hike called Dagostino as it is not as taxing as the French Valley or to the base of the Paines, and has even more stunning views.


Hen & Paddy’s Horse Riding Trip in Aysen

Hen & Paddy’s Horse Riding Trip in Aysen

Hen and Paddy returned in February from a three week adventure in Patagonia, that included a Horse Riding trip in Aysen. Hen kindly shared with us an extract from her travel diary that gives a fascinating insight into her experiences on the trip, along with some incredible photos taken by photographer and cameraman Paddy Scott.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-138-5G3A5717

We arrive at the place where we will camp a little after 8pm. A green bosky plain surrounded on three sides by mountains and gently lit by the Patagonian summer sun as it sets through the valley of the River Neff.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-57-5G3A5328

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-62-5G3A5355





Exhaustion doesn’t come close. I’ve been in the saddle, or rather, clinging on to the saddle for nearly ten hours. Skirting steep ravines, tripping down boulder-strewn gullies, navigating choked lengar forests and muddling across riverbeds of glacial till.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-89-5G3A5442

Carefully dismounting from my nonchalant horse, I stagger on my bruised, scratched, stiff and bowed legs, and am immediately set upon by unsympathetic mosquitos and horse flies.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-128-5G3A5670Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-41-5G3A5228





My face and hands are scorched by the sun, my clothes are damp with sweat and thick with dust, and my adrenaline drained body is demanding food. There is still a tent to put up, and the lamb for our supper still sits raw in a saddle bag.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-92-5G3A5464

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-29-5G3A5103





But scotch needs no assembly or preparation, and oh how it soothes! Swigging from the bottle I grin widely at Don, my Chilean gaucho guide. Such complete happiness needs no common language for expression.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-26-5G3A5096Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-120-5G3A5615









Had I been told that morning of the road that lay ahead I doubt that I would have followed Don A. so unquestioningly into the hinterlands. But since I speak no Spanish, and Don no English, the route was unrevealed and the safety briefing never happened. And of that I am very glad.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-124-5G3A5628

Struggling through the day, rock by trot, every yard an accomplishment, my mind has not once drifted from the here-and-now. And despite the fear, aches and hunger, I’m delighted to discover that the here-and-now is very joyful.  Here-and-now is unchartered and mighty Patagonian wilderness, and my previously untested ability to tackle the unknown road.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-15-5G3A5058

The next morning we’re up before 7am, yerba mate and last nights leftover lamb is a welcome breakfast, and somehow my body fits easily back into the saddle.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-20-5G3A5080

I recall the trials of the day before and I’m momentarily struck by a need to know that today will be easier and that the hardest road lies behind us. But then Don signals to me to give the horse long reins, pointing to an impossibly steep mountain ahead, and before another thought I’m climbing on four hooves.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-36-5G3A5176

As last night’s camp shrinks behind us there is only adventure ahead. My concentration is absolute, but I risk a glance at Don who is leading the way on a magnificent beast.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-68-5G3A5388

Whistling a jolly tune, his gaucho’s cap angled jauntily against the sun, a spin-barrel revolver in his belt and his all-purpose knife on his hip- this man doesn’t worry about the road ahead because he is master of the road he’s on.

Paddy Scott-Patagonia 15-1-5G3A4984

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