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Where in the world? Test yourself with our Aysen quiz

There are certain buzzwords that come up time and again when people start talking about Aysen in Chile: wilderness, untouched, epic and raw. 

These are all great ways of describing the landscapes you can encounter in this little-visited part of Patagonia, but one thing they don’t capture is just how diverse this region is. Aysen is a destination where travel within the region is like taking a trip between different countries. You can be venturing through rolling pampas, then turn a corner and seemingly find yourself in the Swiss Alps or the Canadian Rockies. 

With this in mind, we’ve created a little game called Aysen or the World? Click on the photos below that you think show this undiscovered region of Patagonia, to discover just diverse this region really is.

Which picture is Aysen?

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  Great result! You’ve clearly got a good idea of what makes Aysen so spectacular. Why not top up your expert knowledge with a trip to this Patagonian gem?
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It looks like you’re going to have to do some more homework on Aysen to improve your knowledge. Or better yet, why not consider a field trip?

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