Things to do in Cerro Castillo Reserve


Many organised treks will begin in Coyhaique, from there you will enter the reserve, which is home to many different trails and trekking opportunities. Its many mountains, including Mount Castillo provide some wonderful scenery and as you climb these mountains there are stunning views over the Rio Ibanez and Lake General Carrera.

Cerro Castillo Trail

One of the best ways to explore the reserve is on a 45km trail that will take 4/5 days. The trail takes you through lovely forests with excellent views of the hanging glaciers; all the way you will be surrounded by wildlife with the chance to see eagles and the Native Patagonian deer.


Horse Riding

The region of Aysen has a strong gaucho culture, explore the old mountain paths the way they were originally travelled, on horseback. You can cover more ground this way, meaning you can explore the really undiscovered areas, where there are totally undisturbed landscapes of forests, mountains and rivers as far as you can see. A great way to climb the 1600m to the Cerro Castillo Lagoon, take the horses half-way up and continue the last part of the ascent on foot to this spectacular viewpoint.


Road Trips

The Carretera Austral stretches all the way from Puerto Montt down to Villa O'Higgins, and passes through the Cerro Castillo National Reserve. This famous highway is mostly a dirt and gravel road, but offers some wonderful sights and scenery along the way.  A great way to explore the Aysen Region, but make stop off in the park to trek to Cerro Castillo.


Trekking in Cerro Castillo Reserve

Horse-Riding in Cerro Castillo Reserve

Road Trips visiting Cerro Castillo Reserve

Landmarks in Cerro Castillo National Reserve

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