Why use a campsite?

  • Sleep under the stars and gaze at the views from your doorway
  • Escape the bustle of the refugios to the privacy of your own tent
  • Camping doesn't have to mean roughing it, stay at a refugio campground and you can use their facilties 
  • Tents and cooking utensils are provided so no need to carry them yourself
  • Go off-the-beaten-track for a true wilderness experience, camping in some of the park's most secluded and remote sites
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Camping in Torres del Paine is a cost-effective and practical way to spend as much time as possible exploring the trails. Use this time to venture beyond the north side of the massif and into the three hidden valleys of Silencio, Bader and Pingo.

Types of campsite in Torres del Paine

Refugio Campsites

At refugio campsites the tents are pre-erected so you don't need to carry your own equipment. Included are insulated sleeping mats and warm sleeping bags to keep you cosy and comfortable overnight. As these campsites are linked to nearby refugios, you have easy access to toilets, communal showers, and the dining hall where you can enjoy a hot meal and the company of some of your fellow adventurers.

Booking in advance is essential.

Refugio campsites: Las Torres, Chileno, Cuernos, Paine Grande, Grey, Dickson, Seron, Camp Pehoe

Refugio Campsite

Free Campsites

These campsites are run by the National Park authorities (CONAF) and are conveniently located along the trail but are not within proximity of the refugios. They can only be booked in advance in Puerto Natales or upon arriving at the park entrance at Laguna Amarga. They have cooking shelters and long drop toilets but no showers. Given that they are free they are not very well-maintained.

Booking in advance is essential.

Free campsites: Italiano, El Paso, Campamento Torres

Campsite Campamento Torres

Remote Campsites

These campsites are situated in the most distant corners of the Park far from the main trails. They are wild camps with no facilities and a limited choice of pitching areas. You need a guide and a special license issued by CONAF to use these campsites but the rewards are worth it!

Booking in advance is essential.

Remote campsites: Japones, Bader climbers camp, Pingo, Zapata 

Zapata Camp
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Sydney says

Retiring to the peace and quiet of your own tent after a long day's hiking in the mountains ensures you get a good night's sleep. Unzipping your tent in the morning to the sound of Chilean Flickers and breathing in the fresh mountain air is surely the best way to start your day in the park.

Sydney Miller Patagonia Specialist

FAQs about Camping in Torres del Paine

  • Is camping equipment provided?

    Two-man tents, sleeping bags and insulated mats can all be provided by the refugios. If you're heading beyond the main refugio supported trails then you will need your own equipment (this can be provided and carried by our local partners).

  • Is there electricity and Wi-Fi?

    There are plugs inside the refugios to charge your devices but these are often used first by hikers sleeping in the dorms. There is purchasable Wi-Fi inside the refugios but it is intermittent at the best of times. It's worth bringing a portable power pack or a solar charged device so you can top up your phone and camera batteries.

  • What are the facilities like?

    There are warm showers and toilets in the refugio campsites. In the free campsites there are long-drop toilets but no showers. At the wild camps, there are no facilities.

  • Are meals included?

    When staying at the refugio campsites your meals are included in the refugio dining halls. When using the free and wild campsites, you will have to provide and cook your own meals, these are usually pasta, couscous or stews.

  • Is there fresh running water?

    We advise that you don't drink the water from the streams nearest the refugios as these may be contaminated. However there are freshwater sources all along the trail and close to the wild camps.

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What our customers think of Camping in Torres del Paine

The most memorable moments outside of all of the amazing views were the evenings hanging out at the camps with our guide and porters having a few beers. There were some languages barriers for some of the porters but it was still so much fun. Got to learn a lot about the culture and life of people who lived here and it was the best. Read the full review

Travelled: November 2021

Kendra Barnett - USA


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Torres del Paine Hotels

Torres del Paine National Park has a large range of accommodation to choose from. Stay at a refugios or campsites for a fun and traditional trek experience. Escape to a luxury lodge for tranquillity and incredible views across the park or gaze up at the stars from your yurt/dome.


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