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Andean Puma

This beautiful big cat is the largest predator in Patagonia and the southern-most dweller of all its relatives. The Chilean government made puma hunting illegal in 1980, and numbers have since increased. Pumas take full advantage of the varied terrain in Torres del Paine and are able to live in the cold, warmth, forest & mountains. They are most often seen at dusk and dawn when out hunting for one of their favourite dishes...guanacos! Our dedicated puma tracking experts know these areas like the back of their hands, and give you the very best chances of observing pumas in their natural habitat.


There are four main type of whales to be found in Patagonia: the Orca or 'Killer whale', the Humpback whale, the Southern Right whale, and the Blue Whale. Peninsula Valdes is the place to go for both Southern Right Whales (June-December) and Orcas (September, March & April). Humpback whales can be seen in southern Patagonia, for example on a whale watching adventure cruise, and blue whales can be spotted off of the Island of Chiloe. 



Penguins Rey - SWX (CRUC) p-p

Penguin reserves can be found throughout Chilean Patagonia, from Punta Arenas and Ushuaia to Peninsula Valdes, and Chiloe Island. Magellanic penguins are the most widespread of the breeds to be found in Patagonia, but it is also possible to see Humboldt penguins, gentoo penguins, and even king Penguins.


As well as the famous pumas, penguins and whales, Patagonia has an abundance of other wildlife. From over-sized rodents to chicken-brain eating cats, any animal lover will be in their element in this area of Chile and Argentina.

Mountain Viscacha

Marine animals

The waters around Patagonia are home to an abundance of marine life. Along with the magnificent whales there are playful dolphins, sunbathing sea lions and seals and endangered marine otters. 

Southern Fur Seal


Patagonia is home to over 460 species of birds, making a trip to Chile or Argentina an unforgettable experience for any birder. From the famous and dominating Andean Condor swooping high above you to the tiny Austral Pygmy-Owl's screeching call at dusk, there are birds to find everywhere.


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Patagonia Wildlife Guide

Patagonia Wildlife Guide

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