Cerro Castillo Reserve

Southern Aysen

Riding from a Lodge Base

If these longer expeditions are not for you, you might prefer to take a full-day or half-day horseriding excursion from one of our recommended lodges in the Aysen region. With this option you can relax in comfort in these lovely lodges, and choose different daily excursions. You might choose to ride one day and trek the next.

See below for some example excursions.

Lenga Forest

We will see the structures of the mine buildings and then continue up hill to the mysterious forest of Lenga trees of which many are fully covered with the 'old mans beard'. From there we will ride through the Lenga forest until we have a great view over the General Carrera Lake and its surroundings. Here you can enjoy your refreshments before we are going back on our way to the lodge.


To the Waterfalls

Ride to the Maqui waterfalls, which are formed by several falls, including one with an impressive height of 25 meters. Follow the Maqui River for another hour to explore the different falls and enjoy the magnificent view of the glaciers of the Northern Ice Fields from the hills.


Along the Baker River

When we arrive to the farm of the local Gaucho guide, we will mount our horses in the purest Patagonian style with handmade saddles. We will begin our horseback riding towards our final destination: Cerro Negro, a natural viewpoint of the Baker river valley, where this river meets the Nef river, that comes from the North Ice Fields and from the Baker waterfalls and also from its valley, and the surrounding mountains and ice.


Other Ways to Explore Aysen

Landmarks in the Aysen Region

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