Reasons to ride

  • Embrace the gaucho lifestyle and gain a true understanding of the local customs and traditions
  • Cover longer distances on horseback than you would just hiking; Aysen is vast and has so many hidden jewels, so horse riding is a wonderful way of discovering more in a short timeframe
  • Go off the beaten track and stay in remote lodges and camps, discovering glaciers descending from the mountains, turquoise glacial lakes and rivers rusing through forested valleys

Ways to go horse riding

Short multi-day trips

There are wonderful four to five-day trips in the Cerro Castillo National Reserve that are perfect for riders of all abilities as they combine riding with other activities, such as hiking and kayaking. Explore the mountains, rivers and lakes of this magnificent reserve accompanied by gauchos.

Horse riding in Aysen

Long multi-day trips

For those with a plenty of horse riding experience looking for adventure and more time in the saddle, there are some fantastic one to two-week routes in southern Aysen that will take you through some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes with hardly a soul in sight. These options are more demanding and tend to combine camping with a few nights in simple hotels or bed & breakfasts.

Horse riding in Aysen

Day rides from a lodge base

If you're keen to explore on horseback without committing to a multi-day trip, you might prefer to take a full-day or half-day horse riding excursion from the comfort of a traditional lodge. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of choosing from different daily excursions - ride one day, trek the next - or just relax at the lodge.

Horse riding in Aysen

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Horse riding in Aysen FAQs

  • What gear do I need to bring?

    You do not need to bring anything of your own - all tack and equipment will be provided for you. The tack usually comprises of metal or wood-framed saddles covered in layered felt, sheepskin and leather. Rope, raw hide and leather form the bridles, girths, straps etc. Most of the horses are ridden in simple snaffles. Halters are worn throughout the ride with rope tied around the horses neck to tie up at lunch stops and rest stops etc. You will be provided with chaps and a helmet for comfort and safety.

  • How much riding experience should I have?

    There are several trips that are suited to novices, and lodge-based rides are ideal if you want to learn and build up confidence without committing to a multi-day ride. Generally, the multi-day rides are aimed at intermediate to experienced riders who regularly horse ride at home. If you are planning to join a longer trip of three or more days then you should definitely be comfortable with 2-7 hours in the saddle per day. 

  • How much time do I need?

    Anything from half a day to two weeks depending on what type of ride you prefer, where you want to stay, and how long you want in the saddle.
  • How well trained are the horses?

    The horses taken out on these trips have been incredibly well trained and are well looked after by their owners. They are therefore safe and reliable for riders of all abilities.

Other Ways to Explore Aysen

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