About Torres del Paine Estancias

  • Estancias and gaucho life became ingrained in Patagonian culture following the arrival of the first settlers who came to the area from Tierra del Fuego over a century ago to expand their network of self-sufficient cattle ranches
  • The estancias (working farms) that border the Torres del Paine National Park are included in many of the multi-day horse riding trips and also make excellent bases from which to journey through the park on guided wildlife trips
  • Estancias on the Antonio Varas Peninsula offer completely different yet equally dramatic types of scenery to Torres del Paine and are great for bird watching, horse riding and authentic gaucho experiences
  • Not all estancias are necessarily rustic experiences, there are more authentic yet comfortable experiences available
  • If you are looking to experience and learn a little about the history, culture and harsh realities of day-to-day life in Patagonia, then a stay on one of these working farms could be just the ticket

Estancias of Torres del Paine

Estancia Cerro Guido

Estancia Cerro Guido is the biggest in Torres del Paine with 101,000 hectares of land. This working estancia has the peace and comfort of a hotel, but with the character of a traditional estancia. You will sleep in houses that display their heritage of the Chilean farmers who once lived in them. A beautiful location on the border of the national park, where you can enjoy horse-riding, a Patagonian barbecue or simply explore the grounds of the estancia.

Estancias in Torres del Paine

Estancia Lazo

Estancia Lazo is situated just on the border of the national park and is part of a huge cattle ranch dating from the last century currently with 13,000 hectares. It boasts magnificent views over the Laguna Verde as well as the Paine Massif. The rooms are simple yet comfortable and the main estancia house and dining-room-come-bar are great to relax in after a day riding in the park. 

Please note they have a small house for up to 8 people and it's possible to book the entire house for groups. 

Estancia Lazo

Estancia Lazo, Torres del Paine

Estancia Tercera Barranca

This is a family-run working estancia with breathtaking views of the famous granite towers and eastern side of the Paine Massif. It continues to function as a sheep farm, while many species specific to the region can be spotted among it's 6,500 hectares. Its seven rooms are all in the converted farmhouse and may be simple but are perfectly comfortable. Unwind by the fireplace in the lounge or enjoy meeting other travellers by the barbecue. The hosts provide a warm friendly atmosphere, and there are varied activities on offer here, the most notable being the incredible horse riding excursions.

Estancias in Torres del Paine

Estancia Las Chinas

A recently converted old-fashioned ranch house, Las Chinas acts as an annex to the Cerro Guido lodge. It can host up to 14 people in four rooms of two to four bunk beds (extra beds can be added) and has four shared bathrooms with hot water and modern facilities. The real adventure begins outside in the Las Chinas valley, where you can explore the surroundings right from the estancia. After your Torres del Paine trek, this is the perfect place to do a bit of exploring and rest your legs in front of the fireplace.

Las Chinas horse riding

Horse riding from Estancia Las Chinas, Torres del Paine

Estancia San Luis

Estancia San Luis, managed by the devoted Cárdenas-Oyarzún family for over 45 years, blends traditional livestock farming with the allure of Patagonian agritourism across its vast 13,000 hectares. Visitors can engage with nature via horseback riding, exploring the estate's diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife, and stay at the Puesto Rio Vizcachas, a charmingly refurbished house near the Argentine border. This destination offers a genuine slice of Patagonian life, complete with stunning views, local cuisine, and a tranquil atmosphere ideal for relaxation and adventure.

Estancias in Torres del Paine

Estancia San Luis bathing in stars

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Chloe says

There are still some proper, working estancias in the park, like Cerro Guido. It's got 100 years plus of history and you're sitting with the pampas all around and the Paine massif lit up by the sunset and you feel so much a part of the place.

Chloe Mazille Patagonia Specialist

Estancias near Puerto Natales

Estancia La Peninsula

Across the Ultima Esperanza Fjord lies the quiet Antonio Varas Peninsula, a little-explored wilderness with a beautiful working estancia. You won't find the crowds of Torres del Paine here; the boat over to the peninsula only carries 16 people, once a day. While only accessible by boat, it is really just a stones throw from Puerto Natales. Explore the 19,000 hectares around the estancia, immerse yourself in gaucho culture with the horse rides and sheep-shearing demonstrations, or jump in the estancia's land rover for spectacular views of this remote peninsula.

landscape around estancia la peninsula

Estancia Lago Pinto

Estancia Lago Pinto, set in the rich historical tapestry of Patagonia, traces its origins back to the 1890s when the land was part of the vast holdings of the Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, a British firm dedicated to sheep farming. Today, under the stewardship of Pedro Pivcevic Jara, the estancia has adapted to modern demands by transitioning to cattle farming, yet it staunchly preserves the rural customs and sustainable practices of its heritage. Guests at Estancia Lago Pinto are treated to an immersive experience of Patagonian life, from authentic barbecues and folk music in the quincho, to educational tours of the greenhouses and animal enclosures, culminating in hands-on activities like sheep shearing and horseback riding through historical landscapes.

Estancias in Torres del Paine
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Swoop says

Estancias come in all shapes and sizes in Torres del Paine, from basic dorm-type accommodations to beautifully restored homes with excellent service and dining. There really is everything for all tastes.

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Torres del Paine Hotels

Torres del Paine National Park has a large range of accommodation to choose from. Stay at a refugios or campsites for a fun and traditional trek experience. Escape to a luxury lodge for tranquillity and incredible views across the park or gaze up at the stars from your yurt/dome.


Ways to explore Torres del Paine

Hiking in Torres del Paine

Hiking in Torres del Paine

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