Which mountain biking trip is right for me?

  • With a little mountain biking experience, you can spend 2-3 days on the trails in the famous Torres del Paine National Park
  • Multi-day rides await in the Lake District, where you'll spend up to a week riding from A to B solely on wider tracks and unpaved roads
  • Swap dirt for tarmac and take on a road cycling adventure
  • Just want a day exploring the scenery by bike? Add cycling into a multi-activity trip
  • Hardy folks looking for a 2-6 week biking adventure will want to take on the infamous Carretera Austral

Experience Patagonia by bike

Exploring trails in Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine's famous scenery is perfect for cycling - single track trails wind through towering mountains and around blue lagoons, allowing you access to some of the more remote areas as well as the more well-known views.

Beginners can choose a few days of supported riding on the trails, sleeping in traditional Estancias and taking time to hike the well-known treks. For more experienced riders, we work with some of the most knowledgable local operators in the area to get you onto the most challenging, secluded and highly rewarding routes in the park.

Patagonia Mountain Biking Tours

Multi-day rides in the Lake District and Aysen

Fjords, volcanoes, lush forested valleys... it's not just the lakes which make this one of the most beautiful areas of Patagonia to explore. Spend up to a week cycling the quiet dirt roads and rough tracks that roll through the scenery.

Campsites are dotted throughout, meaning you can sleep out under the stars after a day taking in the views of the Andes and the lakes. Alternatively, for the luxury of smooth tarmac and a hotel each night, swap to a road cycling adventure, where peaceful roads, crystal lakes and even hot springs are your rewards.

Biking the beautiful lakes and mountains of the Argentine Lake District

Biking the beautiful lakes and mountains of the Argentine Lake District

One day rides & multi-activity trips

No previous experience is required to adventure your way through Patagonia's most famous scenery. The emphasis here is getting out and into your surroundings: spend one day cycling dirt tracks under the mountains, the next ice hiking on a glacier, the next horse riding through pampa, all supported by expert local guides.

Torres del Paine mountain bike Fortaleza
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This is world-class touring territory, and while a guide can help you find the best singletrack, or facilitate interaction with local people, there is no shortage of self-guided routes too.

Questions about Patagonia Mountain Biking Tours

Plan a Tailor-made Holiday

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Specialist guides
Specialist guides

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FAQs on cycling in Patagonia

  • Will it be right for my experience level?

    With everything from multi-day tours to one day rides available, there truly is something for everyone. It's worth considering what type of biking you enjoy: 

    - Do you want a multi-day camping tour on gravel roads?

    - Are you a mountain biker looking for a bit of adrenaline, leaving vehicles behind?

    - Would you rather a smoother journey on tarmac with a bit of luxury along the way?

    - Are one or two days of riding enough to get you out and about, while you turn your focus elsewhere for the rest of the trip?

    Ask our specialists how to tailor your trip to make it perfect for you.

  • Will it be very windy?

    Southern Patagonia can be a very challenging place to cycle because of the strong prevailing winds. These winds generally blow from the North West so it can be wise to cycle South East or stick to the less windy northern areas of Patagonia. You will need to be prepared for some windy weather, and Patagonia's famous 'four seasons in one day'. Our tours all stick to the quieter roads to ensure your safety even in windy weather.

  • How much support will I have?

    Choose the level which is right for you. A fully guided tour means a support vehicle to carry your luggage (and to give you a ride if the weather turns), and local guides who will be your best source of information about hidden trails, or secret views waiting to be discovered. 

    If you'd rather be self-sufficient, choose a trip where you can rent panniers and set off on your own tour, or base yourself in one of our mountain biking base camps and head out on day rides.

  • What types of biking are there?

    Cycle Touring

    The Carreterra Austral is one of the most iconic roads to cycle tour in the world. Stunning views of glaciers, temperate rainforest and lakes along the way, through a wild and remote region with few people or places to stay.

    Road Biking

    The majority of roads in Patagonia are gravel but there are more and more paved roads being built and it is becoming possible to do some long-distance road biking across the region. We suggest the Chilean Lakes are best for this type of biking.

    Mountain Biking

    Bombing down a volcano on a loose gravel trail, following flowing single track through lenga forest or bouncing along rough horse tracks to reach out of the way estancias with distant views of the Torres del Paine. Mountain biking is slowly taking hold in Patagonia but you'll need to be prepared for rocky or rooty singletrack, mud and some hike a bike. The best trails are in Northern Patagonia and Torres del Paine.

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Carretera Austral

Carretera Austral

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