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Trekking Torres del Paine in Winter

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Chloe says

Winter from a Comfortable Base

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There are very few Trekkers out in the winter so if you’re planning on going but not a confident camper/trekker then definitely book in a guide with Swoop.

Morwenna Customer

We were very lucky with weather, but I probably didn't understand the extent how weather conditions could impact this trek so much. So tip would be, be prepared for anything!

Sarah Customer

Winter in Torres del Paine: FAQs

  • Can I Use Bus Transport?

    Services are reduced in the Winter as fewer people visit the park, but there are ways to make your trip work if you plan carefully around the timetables. We are more than happy to help you with this.

  • Can I Stay In Refugios?

    Most refugios in the park are closed which generally leaves 2 options: camping or staying in the more expensive accommodation. However, our winter treks make use of the few refugios that are open. You will need to be prepared for fairly basic lodging and potentially unreliable heating and hot water. Again, we can help you choose the best options to suit your itinerary and preferences.

  • What about travelling on a Budget?

    It's very difficult for operators to organise small group tours in winter with fewer visitors to the park and most people want to stay somewhere warm rather than camp. This means trips for 1 or 2 people are less economical for the operator to run. That said, nothing is impossible, and Swoop will work to find other people for solo travellers to join up with in order to guarantee your departure date and keep costs as low as possible.

  • Can I travel in Luxury?

    Most luxury lodges are closed from late April until late September due to reduced demand, but we do know of a few that stay open throughout the winter months, so please do get in touch if you'd like more information.

    Alternatively, to see hiking trips available in Patagonian summer (Nov-Mar), visit our Trekking Torres del Paine page.

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