Where can I trek in Torres del Paine?

Where can I trek in Torres del Paine?

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Forbidden Valleys

Nestled in the Paine Range amongst the more visited sights are the forbidden valleys, Bader and Silencio, where very few visit. In the Silencio Valley you're rewarded with privileged views of the gigantic granite spires of Escudo (the Shield), Fortaleza (the Fortress) and the Towers of Paine from behind. The Bader Valley splits the Cuernos mountains in two with equally dramatic granite faces on display. 

The Silencio and Bader valleys can be woven into multi-day treks with the more common hiking trails. 

Pingo Valley

The heavily glaciated Pingo valley with the Pingo and Zapata glaciers can be briefly visited in a day or you can camp out and explore the area in 3 or 4 days with a guide

Sierra Baguales

Alternatively, the arid Baguales range is very different from its neighbouring Paine range, with rolling pampa interrupted by staggering geological formations. In Baguales it's not just off the beaten trail but off the trail altogether!

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