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Life before Swoop

I was born into a family of travel addicts, which set me up with a taste for travel and adventure from a young age. After graduating university with a degree in Psychology, I set off on my first solo travelling adventure in South East Asia which only fueled my desire to explore the world. It was not until a few years later, however, that I discovered Swoop (and my love for Patagonia) quite out of the blue, whilst completing my masters in psychology back in the UK.

Patagonia's diverse landscapes of crashing glaciers, imposing peaks, glistening lakes, smoking volcanoes and oceans teeming with wildlife had me hooked from the word go, and it did not take much consideration for me to accept a position at Swoop to help other people experience it's magic for themselves.

I spend my free time with friends and family escaping to the ocean, mountains and wilderness near and far all the while with an eye out for wildlife! I run to and from work at Swoop HQ each day and enjoy taking part in the occasional race. My favourite place to be is in, on or around the ocean, so weekends and holidays are usually centred around swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and water skiing. My most recent trip was a month-long marine conservation project in Indonesia, monitoring the health of coral reefs and populations of manta rays. 

My Patagonian experience

I paid my first visit in March 2016. I knew it would be incredible, but can honestly say that it utterly surpassed all of my expectations. I spent time hiking in Patagonia's iconic National Parks, Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National, ice hiked on Perito Moreno Glacier, cruised among the wildlife and glaciers of the fjords, set foot on Cape Horn, and kayaked in the Magellan Straits.

As a wildlife lover, I was super excited to spot five pumas in one day, get up close with 34 humpback whales in two days and see numerous other weird and wonderful creatures along the way; hairy armadillos, hog-nosed skunks, penguins, and impressive birds of prey being among the highlights. 

I have since spent several months exploring other regions of Patagonia, including the Chilean and Argentinian Lake Districts and the Valdes Peninsula, as well as venturing further north to Iguazu and the Atacama desert. In each region I've found incredible wildlife to hang out with, new volcanoes to climb up, jaw-dropping landscapes to marvel at and new experiences to challenge me physically and mentally.

Day to day at Swoop

I work in Swoop's Bristol HQ, and my main focus is in helping people to plan and arrange their perfect tailormade adventure in Patagonia. I am also the Patagonia wildlife specialist here at Swoop, so am always eager to help people incorporate a bit of wildlife spotting into their trip, or craft fully wildlife-focussed experiences with penguins, whales, pumas, condors, elephant seals and more for those who share my wildlife obsession.

Why I love Patagonia

Perito Moreno Glacier

Patagonia's diversity is, in my opinion, what makes it so unique and special. Every visit brings something new and unforgettable whilst each region offers different landscapes, activities, culture, history, and delights for the senses.

It really is another world, a place where you can be so alone with nature that you stand mesmerised by the rugged beauty of mysterious peaks, intimidating glaciers and unpredictable elements, for hours on end.

The people are friendly and welcoming, the scenery is breathtaking, the wildlife is captivating, the food and drink are to die for; Patagonia really has something for everyone, no matter your age, experience or interests.

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I took some time to reflect on my experiences with the wildlife of Patagonia and writing this really brought it all back to life for me. I hope you enjoy reading these accounts of life-changing moments and find the inspiration you need to start planning a nature adventure of your own!

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Next adventure

There are still many Patagonia destinations and experiences left on my list, but I'd love to explore the remote hiking trails of Aysen, soak up the wildlife and history of Chiloe Island, raft on the Futaleufu, scuba dive with humpback whales in the Chilean Fjords and spot all five of Patagonia's penguin species.