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Torres del Paine is an adventurer's playground. Multi-sport trips allow you to experience all the different landscapes to their fullest: the steppe on horseback, the quiet dirt roads by bike, the glaciers of the Serrano river by kayak and the massif on foot.

  • You don't have to be experienced; many of the excursions cater to beginners, making it the perfect place to try something new
  • More challenging technical excursions are available for those with a bit of experience, often venturing far from the beaten track
  • Choose the accommodation that will make your adventure perfect, whether returning to a luxurious lodge each evening or exploring some of the park's most secluded campsites

What activities can I do?

Horse riding at Remota, looking out at the view

Kayaking: explore Torres del Paine's network of glacial rivers, lakes and channels. Spend a few hours paddling past crystal blue icebergs on Lago Grey, or a few days drifting down the Serrano River. 

Mountain biking: ride cross-country on dirt and single track. Breathe in the mountain air, roll past unsuspecting guanacos and you pedal on towards the horizon.

Horseback riding: deep-rooted in Patagonian culture, horse riding is one of the best ways to experience the land through the eyes of the very first settlers. Ride across vast stretches of open pampa and visit some of the traditional estancias, still fully functioning today. 

Trekking: Torres del Paine's most famous adventure. The W Trek and Full Circuit Trek are well known, but hidden throughout the park are some quieter, off-the-beaten-track trails where you might not see another person all day. 

Ice hiking: don crampons and ice axes and tackle the famous Glacier Grey.

Fishing: try your hand at fly fishing for chinook salmon and trout on tranquil rivers amongst snow-capped peaks.

Find out more about kayaking, mountain biking, horse ridingtrekking and fishing in Torres del Paine

Types of multi-sport trips in Torres del Paine

Adventurous multi-sport

For those who want to try as many different activities as possible, these trips ensure you really max out the time that you have in the park and often require no previous experience, meaning you can try your hand at a number of different activities during your stay. Some trips feature stays in luxury lodges and hotels, others make use of the many refugios dotted around the park. 

Multi-Sport in Torres del Paine

Paddle up to the wall of the Grey Glacier, Torres del Paine

Multi-sport from a luxury base

Return each evening to some of the most luxurious accommodation Torres del Paine has to offer. Delicious food, spa pools and stand-out service make these properties a cut above any others in the park. During the day you'll be outexploring, trying your hand at kayaking, hiking and horse riding. When the evening arrives you can soak your legs in a hot tub, admire the views and prepare for the next day's adventure.

Multi-Sport in Torres del Paine

Challenging multi-sport

If you have a bit of experience with adventure sports, maybe a bikepacking tour or a multi-day kayak, our more challenging trips can help you stretch your limits. Bushwhack deep into hidden valleys, rock climb amongst condors, don crampons, ice axes and harnesses to hike across glaciers, or cycle and kayak through some of the most secluded areas of the park.

Some trips require more technical knowledge than others, but you will need to have some experience of each of the activities involved. If you're keen for a challenge but aren't sure which would be right for you, send one of our specialists a message informing them about your experience and what you're looking for.

Multi-Sport in Torres del Paine

Multi-sport in winter

The winter season runs roughly between May and September. As the summer crowds tail off, intrepid adventurers who don't mind a bit of snow have the national park almost to themselves. Trekking, horse riding, kayaking and mountain biking excursions continue into the winter months, where you'll have the benefit of quieter routes and lighter winds, and higher chances of spotting wildlife against the snow-white background.

Multi-Sport in Torres del Paine
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What our customers think of Multi-Sport in Torres del Paine

Too many! Lunch at a glacier watching an avalanche, celebrating my birthday and my best friends birthday with a specially made cake by the Serrano camp staff, getting about a foot away a wild Guanaco, our talks with our amazing guide Anne. Too many to name. Read the full review

Travelled: February 2023

Paige Asbury - USA


FAQs about Multi-Sport in Torres del Paine

  • Do I need to be experienced?

    No, our trips cater for all levels of experience, whether you are a complete beginner or a hardened veteran. Let us know what experience you have and we can tailor the activities to suit you best.

  • What equipment is provided?

    Any technical equipment like kayaks, mountain bikes and crampons are all provided along with all necessary camping equipment. You will need to bring your own clothing and suitable footwear. If you have your own technical gear which you would prefer to use then this is absolutely fine.

  • Will I need a guide?

    Yes, from a health and safety point of view, you will need a guide. Torres del Paine is a almost 450,000 acres in size and you will need the expertise of a local to show you the way. A guide will also bring the whole experience to life by sharing their knowledge of the local flora, fauna, culture and history of the park.

  • Where will I be staying?

    Accommodation can be catered to suit your requirements. Some people prefer to camp for a more rustic experience, but you may choose to stay at refugios, estancias, hotels or luxury yurt camps.

  • I have a short amount of time, how much can I do?

    To make the most of a multi-sport experience, we recommend a minimum of three nights in the park. Ideally you will have at least five nights to combine trekking with another activity.

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Swoop says

Torres del Paine's famous trekking routes do get busy, so escape the crowds with a multi-sport trip and you'll be rewarded with breathtaking scenery which you have time to stop and enjoy. You'll also leave with the sense of achievement from having tried something a little bit different in this wild and challenging terrain.

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