Where can I stay in Puerto Natales?

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Choosing the right hotel in Puerto Natales

The accommodation options in Puerto Natales have transformed in recent years. There’s a wonderful choice of interesting options that make a great base for your adventures in Torres del Paine National Park:

  • A luxury hotel that is also a museum and world-class restaurant, with beautiful views across the fjord, 4km outside town
  • Several upmarket and interesting options on the outskirts of town, with unique architecture and good service
  • A range of options in the town itself: charming B&Bs, more traditional larger 3 star hotels, quirky boutique hotels and an upmarket option with roof-top jacuzzi.

Many customers choose to treat themselves to something special in Puerto Natales on their return from a trek in Torres del Paine.

Accommodation Types

Something Special

The Singular

A former cold-storage facility with it's own museum, The Singular wins over many on its architectural design alone - in 1996 the Chilean government declared it a 'National Historic Landmark'. At it's heart sits a grand and popular restaurant, there's a waterfront spa, and spacious rooms offer impressive views of the Fjord of Last Hope. A great place to recuperate on the way to or from Torres del Paine National Park. 

Puerto Natales Hotels


The Remota is a luxury sanctuary just outside of town, with views across the Fjord of Last Hope. Perhaps not as remote as the name suggests, it's a fantastic choice for those who want to relax and enjoy amazing food at the end of a long trek. The building itself is fascinating and stylishly - if sometimes rather quirkily - designed. There's a spa, too.



Puerto Natales Hotels


Hotel Indigo is a modern boutique spa hotel with views overlooking the Fjord of Last Hope, just a stone's throw from the town. It's open communal spaces, hammocks and roof-top jacuzzis give it a relaxed feel. Enjoy buffet breakfasts and varied evening meals in the modern but cosy restaurant. Rooms are cosy and intimate, with subtle decor, lighting and open plan bathrooms. The Indigo offers four different types of room.



5k outside town (and next to the Singular) so you have wonderful views of the Last Hope Sound. The hotel has just 8 rooms and 3 suites, and is built entirely of Lenga wood and glass. The architecture really makes the most of those views. The owners run the place and are always around to look after you, and often give guests a lift to the nearby airport. The hotel was opened in December 2017 so it's still early days but the feedback has been very good. One question to consider is whether you're happy paying a few dollars for a taxi each time you want to head into town.

Hotel Simple Puerto Natales

No Frills

El Muelle

The hotel was built and is owned and managed by one of Pataognia's most extraordinary kayakers, and on the walls of the hotel and the bedroom you can see photos from his wonderful adventures. The location is spot-on, within a few seconds of the shore of the fjord, and just a couple of blocks from all the main cafes and restaurants that you might want to visit. All the rooms overlook the fjord (with the small buildings of the Chilean navy just in front). It's a little pricey compared to some of the alternatives but a great option for the location...especially so if you're a paddler.

Puerto Natales Hotels
Puerto Natales Hotels

The Kau

Kau is a lodge more than a hotel. Situated above the best cafe in town, this popular community hub has 9 modern but basic rooms. The lodge has a focus on simplicity and it has a cosy feel with a wooden interior adorned with sheepskin and blankets. It also boasts superb views over Ultima Esperanza Fjord. A perfect stopover before entering the Park.

Francis Drake

Francis Drake is located just a block from the Fjord of Last Hope and two blocks from the town's main plaza. Although dated in places, rooms on the second floor of the renovated part have more space and some have a balcony. The hotel is well-located, all rooms are ensuite and excursions can be arranged. A great place for those on a budget looking for a simple, quiet place to stay.



Hostal Amerindia is located on a quiet street close to the fjord, within walking distance to shops and restaurants. The Amerindia isn't actually a hostel, in that there are no shared dormitories, but it does have a casual, 'hostel' feel about it. The owners have worked hard to make it a truly rustic place: wood burning stoves warm the two communal areas and a little shop/cafe sells artisan art, crafts and food. Rooms come in different shapes and sizes, which gives the Amerindia its character. A great place to stay if you're on a budget.

Puerto Natales Hotels

Out of Town Estancia

Estancia Mercedes

Estancia Mercedes is a family home and estancia; it is cosy, with home cooked food and no internet or phone signal. There are lots of cats, dogs and horses allowing you to enjoy a true Patagonian gaucho experience. The Estancia is accessed by boat, followed by a 1 hour drive on a bumpy road, getting here is an adventure in itself.

Puerto Natales Hotels

Estancia Bahía Esperanza

A 10 minute journey by boat from Puerto Natales, your arrival to Estancia Bahía Esperanza will have you cross the glistening waters of the Ultima Esprenza fjord. Homely in decor with a personal feel throughout, this is a great option for larger groups - accommodating up to nine with the ability to request additional beds. There's daily buses from the Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine, while the estancia is surrounded by miles of treks, sailing routes, bike and horseback trails. Full-day excursions without accommodation can also be arranged.

Puerto Natales Hotels

Estancia La Peninsula

Occupying 19,000 hectares between two of Chilean Patagonia's defining landscapes, the pampa and the fjords, the remote Estancia La Peninsula is one of only two estancias on Antonio Veras Peninsula. Reached only by a 30-minute boat journey from Puerto Natales, a true Patagonian experience is to be had - look forward to daily Patagonian barbecues and sheep-shearing demonstrations. Among the range of excursions are treks, including a 2-4 day hike, horseback riding, and a 4x4 ride to Cerro Ballena (Whale Hill).

landscape around estancia la peninsula
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Swoop says

Have a think about whether you want to stay in Puerto Natales, for easy access to shops and restaurants, or if you're happy to walk, drive or cycle a short distance into town when you need to. Most out-of-town hotels are well worth considering, if only for their views of the Fjord of Last Hope.

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What our customers think

Puerto Natales was definitely the right place for us to stay. It was very easy to get around and I was surprised by how much wildlife we saw in the park, without even trying!

Kevin Pennsylvania February 2017

FAQs about Hotels in Puerto Natales

  • What's the best part of town to stay in?

    Puerto Natales isn't a big town, so most hotels are either a short walk from the main plaza or out of town. It really depends on whether you want to have easy access to shops and restaurants or are looking for an out of town retreat, and don’t mind walking or driving (or cycling) into town when you need to. The out-of-town hotels are mainly located along the fjord, and a taxi to/from town typically costs $3,000-$4,000 Chilean pesos.

  • How far away is the airport?

    Puerto Natales airport is 9.2km away and a 15 minute drive, and Punta Arenas airport is 228km and a 2.5 hour drive.

  • How far away is the bus station?

    The bus station is on the eastern side of town on Avenida España. It's 14 blocks from the main plaza and walkable for those with backpacks to/from most central hotels, or a short taxi ride if you have more luggage. Note that for morning taxis to the bus station it's recommended to book the night before as there is a high demand.

  • Can I store luggage in my hotel / hostel?

    Yes, most hotels will store your luggage so that you can take only what you need into Torres del Paine National Park.

  • Can I park in town?

    Most hotels have their own private parking area. Otherwise it’s quite easy to park on the street close by.

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Luke says

My first visit to Puerto Natales was 17 years ago. Since then the town has developed beyond recognition and the choice of places to stay is a lot more interesting, but the buzz of excitement from everyone preparing for their big adventure in Torres del Paine is still all around.

Luke Errington Founder, Swoop Patagonia

Puerto Natales Hotels: How can we help you?

If you’re looking to arrange somewhere to stay in Puerto Natales, we can help you in one of two ways:

  1. As part of a multi-day activity trip

    We can help you plan and arrange a multi-day activity trip, such as a hiking, kayaking or horse-riding trip, to fit in with the rest of your plans. We’ll help you arrange the logistics of the trip too, such as how you’ll get to and from the trip departure point and where you’ll stay before and afterwards. Ask about arranging a multi-day activity trip

  2. As part of a tailor-made itinerary

    With 15 years' experience in Patagonia, we’re experts at creating bespoke itineraries. We'll work with you to design a 2-3 week - or longer - holiday based on your exact requirements, from hiking trips to flights, bus trips, transfers and, of course, your accommodation. Find out more about Tailor-made trips. 

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