About hotels in Torres del Paine

The flexibility of staying in hotels means they're the accommodation of choice for many travellers. Many hotels offer bed and breakfast rates, allowing you to come and go as you visit other parts of the park, or take advantage of an all-inclusive programme where all your excursions and transport are taken care of.

  • More comfort and privacy than a refugio, but without the price tag of a luxury lodge
  • Choose an all-inclusive programme for the flexibility to pick your excursions each night based on the weather, advice from expert guides, and how your legs are feeling
  • If you're looking to explore the park self-guided, the bed and breakfast options often have no minimum night's stay, allowing you the flexibility to be where you want, when you want.

Hotels in Torres del Paine

Hotel Las Torres

Hotel Las Torres occupies one of the best locations in the park, right at the trailhead for the famous Base of the Towers hike. This makes it the perfect base for a day hike, and a great choice on a self-guided W Trek or self-drive trip. The rooms are amply sized, there's a great bar area, a busy restaurant and cosy lounges. The hotel also has a team of horses which create quite a stir in the morning and evening when the gauchos bring them in from higher pastures. The hotel is quite large and in a busy part of the park, so lacks the exclusiveness and tranquillity of more luxurious options, but stands up as a good mid-range option.

Hotel las Torres

Hotel Grey

Look out through floor-to-ceiling windows onto icebergs as they float down the magnificent Lago Grey. In the distance is the Southern Ice Cap and Paine Massif, which descend down to the lake forming the famous Glacier Grey. These are arguably the best views of any hotel in the park, and they continue in the superior rooms where the windows are just as large as in the dining areas. Boat excursions across the lake start here, and just behind the hotel is the trailhead to Mirador Ferrier, the one place nearby that you'll get even better views than in the hotel.

Combine Hotel Grey with Hotel Las Torres on a self-drive trip, or use it as a final night stop off in the park after completing the W Trek. 

Hotel Grey dining

Hotel Rio Serrano

Located in the Pueblito Serrano on the southern edge of the national park, this hotel has breathtaking views of the whole Paine Massif, with the winding Serrano River in the foreground. As it is located almost in the centre of the park, it makes a great self-drive base if you don't want to move accommodation or as a mid-range all-inclusive option. There are estancias in this area of the park, which makes it a good base for horse riding.

Hotel Rio Serrano

Hosteria Pehoe

The simple but comfortable Hotel Pehoe sits in an unrivalled position in the national park, on an island on the Pehoe Lake. It is one of the oldest hotels in the park so is rather tired in places and the furnishings could be described as traditional. It makes an interesting base for one night if doing a self-drive through the park, but don't expect fine dining or any type of luxury.

Hosteia Pehoe

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