Reasons to to a multi-day trek in Fitz Roy

  • Combine the classic Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Torre hikes into a longer backpacking trek to enjoy a private sunset and sunrise over Mount FitzRoy
  • Follow the mighty Huemul Circuit as it climbs windswept mountain passes to reach the endless ice field and a campsite on the shores of an iceberg-strewn lake
  • Grab your crampons for one of the region’s toughest but most rewarding treks, across the very roof of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field
  • Get truly remote while trekking for days through the wilderness between historic estancias, via the staggering Upsala glacier

Multi-day treks in Fitz Roy

Laguna de Los Tres & Laguna Torre Highlights Trek

The simplest way to get the most out of Los Glaciares is to take its classic day hikes and stitch them together to form one multi-day adventure that takes in the park’s most iconic scenery.

The El Chaltén Express takes the Laguna de Los Tres hike to Mount Fitzroy via the Piedra Blanca glacier and adds on the Laguna Torre hike to Cerro Torre, sleeping at the Poincenot campsite. This allows you to enjoy Laguna de Los Tres after the day hikers have left and a private sunrise over FitzRoy.

To extend the hike further, the El Chaltén Highlights trek starts with the hike to Loma del Diablo through the beautiful Huemules Reserve. After a night in a forest refugio, you transfer to the start of the Laguna de Los Tres hike for another two days on the trail, allowing you to tick off some of the most amazing sights that Los Glaciares has to offer.

View of FitzRoy from Poincenot campsite at sunset

Sunset view of Fitz Roy from Poincenot campsite

The Huemul Circuit

One of the best treks for testing yourself against Los Glaciares's wildest landscapes is the Huemul Circuit.

Over four days it takes you along wide forested valleys, use ziplines to cross rushing rivers and climb the Viento Pass for astonishing views of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Wild camping along the way, you’ll hike past the enormous Tunél and Viedma glaciers, before descending to the lake its meltwater drains into and sleeping next to the perfectly-named Bay of Icebergs.

For those looking to mix things up a little, Swoop's Ultimate Chaltén Trek combines the classic day hikes around Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre with the Huemul Circuit into one massive hiking adventure. 

Climbing to Paso Viento or Windy Pass on the Huemul Circuit

Crossing the Paso Viento on the Huemul Circuit

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Tomas says

They say that in Patagonia the weather can change between all four seasons in a day, but on the Huemul Circuit the terrain is just as dynamic! From taking zip lines across rivers to windswept views over the ice field, there's always something dramatic waiting for you on the trail.

Tomas Hernandez Patagonia Sales Consultant

South Patagonian Ice Field Expedition

Explore the Southern Patagonian Field, the third largest ice cap in the world as it spills out of the mountains into Los Glaciares National Park. 

Over eight extraordinary days, this expedition-style trek takes you over extreme mountain passes to hike across the very surface of the ice cap. It’s a place of both extreme beauty and extreme weather conditions: our itinerary deliberately keeps two extra days in reserve to account for what a wild place the roof of Patagonia can be.

This is no walk in the park. Only experienced wilderness hikers should sign up, but those ready to meet the challenge will experience what is surely one of the greatest and remotest treks that Patagonia can offer.

Traversing the South Patagonian Ice Field

Traversing the South Patagonian Ice Field

Los Glaciares Wilderness Trek

Most of trekking action in Los Glaciares takes place around FitzRoy, but the southern section of the park also offers spectacular landscapes to explore entirely by yourself.

The Los Glaciares Wilderness Trek spends six days getting to know the remotest corners of the park between two historic estancias. The terrain is tough but it repays trekkers with a series of long days climbing mountain passes and above glacial lakes, each culminating in some truly wonderful wild camping locations.

Waking up next to the Norte hanging glacier, several days’ walk from the nearest road, is a truly special moment – one that the trek then goes on to top by wild camp at the almost endless Upsala glacier. By the trek's end you’ll be so remote that the only way back to civilization is by boat trip.

Wild camping at Norte glacier on the Los Glaciares wilderness trek

Camping at Norte glacier on the Los Glaciares wilderness trek

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Swoop says

Want to see the mountains look like from both sides of the border? Several of our trips combine Los Glaciares with nearby Torres del Paine, so you can enjoy the the best of all possible hiking worlds. 

Los Glaciares Wilderness Trek

What multi-day hikes can I do in Fitz Roy?

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What our customers think of Multi-Day Trekking in Fitz Roy

Multi-Day Trekking in Fitz Roy trips scored 4.3/5 from 62 reviews

This experience in El Chaltén was completely life-changing. It was the most challenging hiking I have ever done, and at the same time the most fun I’ve had on any vacation. Serac’s team was incredible, it was like having a personal immersion experience in alpine trekking and the best outdoor education I have ever had. I honestly can’t wait to go back and would rate the whole experience 11 out of 10 - even with Patagonian weather! Read the full review

Travelled: March 2023

Zeah Venitelli - USA

The campsites were so welcoming and the tents very comfortable. We were so lucky to be by ourselves at the campsites both nights. The food and snacks were all delicious! Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Andrea Cohen - USA

Seeing the Southern Ice Field and the Viedma Glacier from the Viento Pass. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Rick Devine - USA

My most magical moment was coming out of my tent one morning, walking to the rivers edge, and seeing Fitz Roy with that early morning glow from the sunrise. Read the full review

Travelled: February 2019

Leslie Dana - United States Of America


FAQs about multi-day hiking in Fitz Roy

  • How long should I spend hiking in Los Glaciares?

    We recommend a minimum of a three-night trek. This allows you to explore the central areas around Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, as well as the northern and southern sections of the park. For more challenging and adventurous treks, you should expect to spend at least four nights in the mountains.

  • Do I need to carry my own equipment?

    You will have porters to carry your tent, food, and cooking utensils (pots, stove, mugs etc). However you should expect to carry your own sleeping bag and roll matt (these can be borrowed upon request) and your spare clothing. A personal porter can be hired if you want to hike with absolute minimal weight. The going rate is around US $100-150 per day.

  • What facilities do the campsites have?

    The main campsites at Poincenot and Prestadores have long drop toilets. There are no showers or running water, but all campsites are located close to a fresh water source so you can wash and replenish your water bottles easily.

  • What's the best time of year to visit the Fitz Roy range?

    The warmest and dryest months are between December and February. Between March and May the temperature cools down, and the scenery is full of reds, golds and oranges as autumn creeps in. The shoulder season from October-November is springtime in Patagonia, conditions are still mild and you avoid the crowds of summer season. 

  • Do I need any specialist equipment?

    A sturdy pair of high-ankled walking boots and reliable waterproofs are essential for any multi-day hikes in Los Glaciares. A well-fitted backpack is recommended but these can be borrowed upon arrival. For any expeditions to the Ice Cap, Gorra Blanca or surrounding peaks, all technical equipment is provided including crampons, harnesses and ice axes.

  • Where can I relax after my trek?

    There are several special lodges and hotels in El Chalten that you can choose to unwind in after your long trek in the mountains. The Aguas Arriba Lodge is located on the edge of Lago del Desierto and offers true luxury and seclusion. The Destino Sur, tucked away in the heart of El Chalten, has spa facilities and a fine restaurant. For a true taste of Patagonian tradition, soak up the hospitality of Estancia Helsingfors or Estancia Cristina.

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