Reasons to kayak in Peninsula Valdes

  • You're here for the wildlife, and there's no better way to get up close. Feel the ripples from a fluking whale, or look a sealion in the eyes as it bobs beside your kayak
  • One-day taster trips are suitable for beginners, no experience required
  • Spend a few days paddling along the coast, far from settlements and roads, camping on secluded beaches 
  • The weather in northern Patagonia is calmer and sunnier than the notorious south - enjoy tranquil seas and bask in the sunshine as you look out for wildlife

Ways of kayaking in Peninsula Valdes

One day kayak trips in Valdes

Grab a paddle, crunch down the beach and push off into the ocean for a day exploring on the water. The beauty of a one day trip is that you'll go straight to the action, your expert guides know the best places to find sea lions and whales, and you'll spend the day gently cruising through the water in the company of the wildlife.

Combine a day's kayaking with a whale-watching boat trip, a half day snorkelling with sea lions, or a trip to see a penguin colony.

Kayaking in Valdes

Multi-day kayaking

With very few villages lining its shores, it's not hard to find yourself blissfully out of sight of any other people. Taking a few days to paddle around the peninsula means getting off-the-beaten-track, to arrive at secret coves and beaches, and give yourself an even better chance of varied wildlife sightings.

This is adventure travel at its best - drawing your kayak onto a secluded beach in the evening, setting up camp in time to watch the sunset glow over the shape of whales in the water. You can be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves lapping, and whales blowing spray just out to sea.

Valdes Sea Kayak

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