About Kayaking in Aysen

There are opportunities to use sea kayaks from many of the lodges throughout the Aysen region. For those looking for a full on expedition there are three rivers that you can focus on: the Palena, the Baker and the Exploradores.

The Palena River travels along Aysen's northern border starting at Palena lake and finishing on the edge of the Corcovado National Park.

Where to Kayak in Aysen

River Descent by Sea Kayak

A sea kayak is one of the best ways to explore Aysen. You can fill the hull with delicous food and travel from the Ice Cap to the sea, completely self-sufficiently.

Kayaking aysen

The Baker River 

The Baker River is a great option for those who have little kayaking experience, however there is a long portage around a waterfall so you must be strong enough to carry your kayak. The route follows the Baker from Cochrane to Caleta Tortel, along an old trade route.


Exploradores Valley

The Exploradores Valley is extremely challenging, with head winds and potentially bad weather the entire way. This trip ends at the San Rafael Glacier with exploration of the southern side of the glacier's ice caves.

Kayaking Aysen

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Kayaking Trips in Aysen

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