Things to do

  • Pull on your hiking boots and get out into the elements to explore the national parks
  • Take an adventure cruise and sail past glacier after glacier, stepping onto land only reachable by boat
  • Discover secluded lakes on the challenging Dientes de Navarino trail
  • Sail some of the most famous waters in the world around Cape Horn

What can I do in Tierra del Fuego?

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Discovering Tierra del Fuego


Forests, glaciers, mountains, peat bog, steppe-land, Tierra del Fuego has a lot of different scenery to explore. But of one thing you can be certain, this is a wild and rugged land. Brace yourself against swirling winds, hike through cool rain and mist, find your own path through largely unexplored lands: the trekking here is adventure at its most exciting. 

There are day hikes from Ushuaia in the Tierra del Fuego National Park, or challenge yourself with a multi-day trek where you'll be wild camping under the stars.

Things To Do in Tierra del Fuego

Dientes de Navarino Trail, Tierra del Fuego

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Natascha says

Day hiking in Tierra del Fuego from Ushuaia is really easy, there are regular buses that will take you out of town and to the start of trails. The hike to Laguna Esmeralda is one of my favourites.

Natascha Yogachandra Patagonia Specialist

Adventure cruises

Chilean Tierra del Fuego is a maze of fjords, glaciers and waterways that can only be explored by boat. To get out and about exploring this secluded terrain, join an adventure cruise. You'll sail between highlights, setting out on small zodiac boats each day to explore new parts of the shore or hike up to hidden glaciers.

Adventure cruises are also the best way to make the most of your time travelling in Tierra del Fuego - the region is vast, so rather than flying over it or taking an 11-hour bus, cruises will take you direct from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, and you get to see the best of the scenery and wildlife on the way.

Things To Do in Tierra del Fuego


In conditions that cause us to layer up and brace against the wind and rain, colonies of penguins and sealions have been thriving happily for thousands of years. Visit them on a short boat trip from Ushuaia, getting so close that the curious penguins will nibble your shoelaces. Just outside of Porvenir, take a trip to see the only colony of King Penguins outside the Antarctic subcontinent.

Tierra del Fuego is also a haven for bird-watchers, with a number of waders and waterfowl, along with the chance to see huge colonies of cormorants and maybe the magnificent albatross. Other animals that call this region home are dolphins, guanacos, nandus, and a huge beaver population.

King penguin

Two adult king penguins

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What our customers think of Things To Do in Tierra del Fuego

What a wonderful experience we had in Tierra de Fuego. The crew were very nice, the drivers were careful and the guide Sebastian was truly amazing. He brought his camera and a telescope which we enjoyed very much. When we got to see the penguins, the local guide there was very excited to see us as we were probably the only tourists there for the day, the penguins were amazing to see. We also spotted about 10 condors and a bunch of different birds. Read the full review

Travelled: July 2018

Cynthia Blanco - United States Of America

The King Penguin tour (many king penguins and their babies - just adorable) and the Birding tour (birds, geese, sea lions, wild horses and dolphins galore) were outstanding. Our guide was outstanding and personable and we saw wildlife beyond what we could have imagined.

Travelled: October 2017

Gail - Florida, USA

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The highlight of the trip had to be a perfect day at Cape Horn in weather to die for. Surprises were everywhere while travelling down to the Cape, glaciers that eclipsed those in Alaska, wildlife to be seen on all our excursions.

Travelled: October 2017

Peter - Australia

The remoteness of Tierra del Fuego was incredible, we didn't see another boat for 3 days. We saw a lot of wildlife - penguins, dolphins, seals, albatross, condors.

Travelled: January 2017

Peter -

Sailing to Cape Horn was excellent, with great landscapes, wildlife, and charming and highly experienced skipper.

Travelled: December 2016

Stephen - UK

With the peat bog valley floor, lakes and surrounding mountains, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about going down to Tierra del Fuego. It's all so different to Torres del Paine and El Chalten, it was worth every penny.

Travelled: November 2016

Michael -

Landing on Isla Magdalena to see the penguins and sea lions was great fun.

Travelled: November 2015

Chris -



It is many a sailor's lifetime dream to sail to and in the vicinity of Cape Horn. Follow in the footsteps of Joshua Slocum and other sailing pathfinders: this is an opportunity for anyone with modest sailing experience to test the waters at the end of the earth.

Sailing trips take a maximum of four crew members, who join a skipper to sail around the end of the world. On board your 40ft boat, you'll be sleeping in one of two double cabins, sometimes camping on shore depending on the trip. Crew members are expected to have a little sailing experience, but your skipper will be your expert guide, helping you read the conditions and directing you to some of the most impressive hidden gems in this wild landscape. Although the Chilean navy doesn't allow commercial vessels to sail to Cape Horn, you'll be an honorary member of a sailing club for your time there.

Things To Do in Tierra del Fuego

40 ft Ketch yacht, your sailing vessel

Getting to Antarctica

For some, reaching the end of the world is just the beginning of the adventure, for south of here lies one of the remotest, wildest territories on earth: Antarctica. Almost all voyages to the white continent sail from Ushuaia, travelling across the Drake Passage and exploring the many islands and iceberg filled waters around Antarctica. Adding on Antarctica to your Patagonian adventure requires time and budget, but is a once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

Our polar specialists in our sister company Swoop Antarctica can help you plan the perfect addition to your trip. 

Things To Do in Tierra del Fuego

Discover Tierra del Fuego

Trekking in Tierra del Fuego

Hiking in Tierra del Fuego

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Ushuaia Tours

Ushuaia is the southernmost city before Antarctica, and boy are they proud of it! Set with a mountain range to the north and the Beagle Channel to the south, the city is nestled …

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Tierra del Fuego Cruises

From Ushuaia in southern Argentina, you can embark on an adventure cruise through the Magellan Straits, Tierra del Fuego and down to Cape Horn, getting up close to glaciers, penguins and whales.

Find out more about exploring Tierra del Fuego from the water:

Tierra del Fuego Cruises

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