Swoop is proud to be a B Corp

In 2023, Swoop became the only travel company working across all Patagonia to be B Corp certified. By doing so, we joined a global movement of businesses that are committed to people and the planet, putting our social and environmental responsibilities at the core of our business.

Becoming a B Corp required Swoop to be comprehensively audited across our entire organisation and measured against pillars of business sustainability.

Our B Corp status is our promise that your adventures contribute to a more sustainable future for our destinations.

The Swoop Conservation Fund

Swoop and our travellers can play an important role in helping our destinations flourish. With this in mind, we created the Swoop Conservation Fund to allow us to financially support non-profit organisations that make significant positive impacts in the destinations we visit.

We’ve chosen organisations that support our values working in Patagonia and Antarctica, who are working in conservation, education, biodiversity and the long term removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere.

A puma in Aysen, Chile
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Elliot says

Swoop wants to lead by example and that means the actions we take and the actions we help our travellers take, count. This principle is at the heart of our sustainability strategy.

Elliot Murphy Swoop Sustainability Manager

Travelling better

We firmly believe in the power of travel as a force for good, and because of this, we work closely with our partners to ensure our trips have the most positive impact they can. 

Swoop's true success isn't just measured by the experiences we offer our customers, but also by helping them become ambassadors for change, both in our destinations and at home. We aim to give our travellers the tools they need to travel better during their time with us and beyond. 

Tourist with feet in lake facing the Cuernos of Torres del Paine

The Swoop Impact Report

As part of becoming B Corp certified, we produced our first impact report to set out how we’re addressing the challenges posed by the climate crisis, how we’re trying to reduce our impact on the world around us, as well as the positive contributions we’re making to the environment and the communities where we work.

As well as putting down a marker for where we are, the impact report is a public challenge to inspire us even further to do our best over the years ahead. Our next impact report is due to be published at the end of 2024.

Distant landscape shot of a man looking at a glacier extending into a bay in Aysen

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