What is the Swoop Conservation Fund?

Swoop has always tried to ensure that our actions match our belief in the power of travelling for good. When we became a certified B Corp we decided to create the Swoop Conservation Fund to put our money where our mouth is.

Every year, the Swoop Conservation Fund is committed to donating 1% of Swoop’s revenues to organisations making significant positive impacts in the destinations we visit.

We’ve worked hard to select meaningful organisations that not only contribute to conservation, but also education, biodiversity and the long term sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere, as well as complementing each other's work. 

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We know the power of travel to create positive change, which is why we created the Swoop Conservation Fund. The collective efforts of Swoop and our customers help ensure our destinations continue to thrive for generations to come.

Elliot Murphy Swoop Sustainability Manager

Projects we proudly support

Rewilding Chile

Rewilding Chile works in habitat restoration and species reintroduction to enhance the resilience of natural ecosystems across Chile, contributing to the conservation of the country's biodiversity and the overall health of its natural environment.

Rewilding Chile is currently in the process of establishing Cape Froward National Park in Magallanes province, around 40 miles (62 km) from Punta Arenas. Its forests are the southernmost continental habitat of the rare huemul deer, while its waters are rich feeding grounds for humpback whales. Around 10% of the park is also peatland, a vital carbon sink.

Establishing the Cape Froward National Park will help to conserve this habitat for future generations. As well as providing sustainable income opportunities that have accompanied the community-focussed approach to tourism in Chile’s newest national parks, it will help protect the ecosystems that play such a vital role in the carbon cycle.

Supporting the conservation efforts of Rewilding Chile, including the restoration of wetlands and the protection of its marine kelp forests are of vital importance to Swoop as we move towards balancing the emissions associated with our business.

Legado Chile Foundation

The Legado Chile Foundation works with local communities and government on conservation, habitat restoration and education programs to foster sustainable practices and nurture a harmonious relationship between people and environment.

Operating in Llanquihue Province in the Chilean Lake District, Legado Chile’s flagship project is centred on wetland restoration, conservation and management. They offer environmental and regenerative agriculture training to local residents and guidance on integrating eco-friendly practices into community development.

In addition to their conservation and rewilding efforts, the foundation’s school programme aims to foster an appreciation for the environment, including mental and physical health awareness training tailored for young children. Legado Chile’s focus on wetland restoration and conservation stands out for its role in preserving ecological balance in an area identified as a hotspot for bird species.

As well as working with local communities to take a lead role in environmental stewardship, both the wetlands and woodland restoration actively help absorb carbon emissions from the atmosphere. This holistic approach perfectly mirrors our belief in responsible tourism, where the benefits extend beyond the natural world to include a variety of social benefits and opportunities.

Projects beyond Patagonia

As specialists in travel to the ends of the earth, we also use the Swoop Conservation Fund to support projects outside Patagonia. In Antarctica, we currently support two conservation and science organisations doing vital work in the region:

  • The South Georgia Heritage Trust works to preserve the island’s natural and historical heritage and redress past damage to its environment. Its Commensalis project focuses on whale conservation in the island’s Subantarctic waters.
  • The Polar Citizen Science Collective connects the polar science community with the expedition cruise industry to develop programs that engage travellers in scientifically rigorous data collection for critically important research.
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