Where can I stay in Torres del Paine?

Where can I stay in Torres del Paine?

6 Types of Accommodation

Luxury Lodges

Staying in a Torres del Paine lodge gives you the opportunity to experience the Paine range and its surroundings from a luxurious base. You will have a beautifully appointed room in a superbly designed lodge. By day, join excursions with small groups and expert guides to the best and most secluded areas of Torres del Paine. You'll spend your evenings in comfort with a spa service and top restaurant waiting for you.

Tierra Patagonia


Feel at one with nature as you gaze up at the stars from your bed, and wake up to beautiful sunrises over views of Torres del Paine from your yurt/dome. Explore the park on daily excursions of your choice or a pre-planned itinerary, coming back each night to a warm bed in a cosy yurt with delicious food and great company.



Dispersed across the vast Torres del Paine National Park are a selection of hotels varying quite significantly in size, standard, location and what they offer. They tend to fall into the mid-range category of hotels and are great options for well-priced all inclusive itineraries or as a base on a self-drive itinerary.

Hotel las Torres Building


Estancias are a key part of the Patagonian heritage and lifestyle and the estancias in Torres del Paine are a great base from which to explore the region on horse-back. However, for those less inclined to spend their trip on a horse, estancias are best used for a short, one-night stay after a tiring W Trek, on your way to the next stop of your adventure. They provide an interesting feel for the cultural ways of the locals for a day or so but most people tend to move on after that.



The refugios in Torres del Paine are a fun and practical way to experience hiking in the Park. These "hiking hostels" allow you to complete the W Trek with all bedding and meals provided so you only need to carry a small backpack. They offer comfortable, dorm-style rooms where trekkers can relax and unwind after a long day on the trails. Shared toilets and bathrooms/showers are accessible for all hikers. The accommodation is basic and clean but well located on the main trails. 

Cuernos Refugio


The campsites in Torres del Paine offer a more traditional mountain trek experience. Most are conveniently located next to the refugios so you can retire to the privacy of your own tent after a filling meal in the refugio dining hall. The more remote campsites allow you to explore hidden valleys far away from the other hikers.


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Ways to explore Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine Hotels: How can we help you?

If you’re looking to arrange somewhere to stay in Torres del Paine, we can help you in one of two ways:

  1. 1) As part of a multi-day activity trip

    We can help you plan and arrange a multi-day activity trip, such as kayaking or whale-watching trip, to fit in with the rest of your plans. We’ll help you arrange the logistics of the trip too, such as how you’ll get to and from the trip departure point and where you’ll stay before and afterwards. Ask about arranging a multi-day activity trip.

  2. 2) As part of a tailor-made itinerary

    With 15 years' experience in Patagonia, we’re experts at creating bespoke itineraries. We'll work with you to design a 2-3 week - or longer - holiday based on your exact requirements, from hiking trips to flights, bus trips, transfers and, of course, your accommodation. Find out more about Tailor-made trips

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