Day Trip Fishing in Patagonia

Serrano River, Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine National Park is best known for its trekking, but the Rio Serrano (which flows from the glaciers surrounding the Paine Massif) and the lakes between Torres del Paine and its nearest town of Puerto Natales offer spectacular fishing (mainly salmon) in a dramatic landscape. Itineraries can last anything from a couple of days to over a week.

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Rio Serrano Fishing

Remota, Puerto Natales (Torres del Paine)

The Remota is popular as a relaxing stop-off for a few nights after trekking in nearby Torres del Paine - why not treat yourself to a day with nature
fly fishing its brown trout. Choose from three top fishing spots, suitable for all from beginners to those with experience, and spend from 4 to 9 hours testing yourself.

Remota Fishing

Peuma Hue, Nahuel Huapi National Park

Peuma Hue Lodge, found in Argentina's largest National Park, offers a laid-back and relaxing retreat great for those looking to escape from the pace and chaos of the world.  Among the various activities with which to pass the time, fishing on their lake immediately in front of the lodge is possible, as are guided full-day excursions to the Manso and Limay rivers.

Peuma Hue Fishing

Great Adventure Fishing Rivers

Around Junin

Chimehuin, Quilquihue, Collon Cura, Alumine

Four great Argentine rivers, served by two wonderful estancias.  In the north, Junin de los Andes was the birth place for trout fishing in Patagonia. In this region you can use a wonderful working Estancia as a base for your fishing trips (and possibly combine with horse riding) or explore several of the region's different rivers with a guide who has been fishing here for over 30 years.


Esquel and the Chilean Lake District

Lago Yelcho, Corcovado, Grande, Manso

Large trout, over 10 pounds, are not uncommon in this region, and between November and April there's a beautiful lakeside lodge that you can use as your base. The lodge is owned by a very talented and creative guide who has been fishing in Patagonia for over a decade.

In addition to float fishing on the Rio Corcovado and Rio Grande, there are a number of spring creeks which will test even the most experienced of fishermen.

cielo grande fish


Just a couple of hours across the border in Chile lies the Futaleufu River which extends all the way down to the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the world's great rivers for white water rafting and offers some spectacular white water fishing as well.

cielo grande fish 2

Aysen and the Baker River

In Chilean Patagonia the Aysen region, with the infamous Carretera Austral running through it, is one of the least explored parts of Patagonia. The Rio Baker runs 170km through the region and offers very varied fishing opportunities. In the lakes (for example Lago Bertrand) you can catch trout, and the emerald green rivers offer salmon catches of up to 13kg.


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