Team Swoop

We're a small team of Patagonia enthusiasts. Most of us have lived and worked in Patagonia long before our Swoop days, and we still visit every year. 

Between us, we enjoy mountain biking, wildlife spotting, trail running, bird watching, adventure racing and generally exploring the great outdoors. When we're not exploring Patagonia, we love nothing more than talking to people who are planning their own adventure.

The Team



Natascha discovered her passion for the outdoors and sustainability initiatives while working in and around Torres del Paine National Park. There, she spent all of her free time …



Taylor is our resident whitewater guru. Having worked as a rafting guide for the past ten years, he is very familiar with the rivers in Chile and Argentina. He has previously lived…



Iain’s first visit to South America in 2015 was a typical backpacker affair with limited time, money and research. Having sidestepped Patagonia for the aforementioned reasons, he…



After a misspent youth in Cornwall, spent sailing and wanting to be the next Jacques Cousteau, Peter worked on chartered yachts in the Caribbean and Central America, subsequently …



Always captivated by its dramatic landscapes, diverse people and fascinating cultures, a love affair with South America began after a year-long adventure throughout the whole of …



Sally is a true lover of all things Latin American with Patagonia's lakes and mountains at the top of her list. Having worked as an English teacher and tour leader in Chile and …

Michelle Profile


As part of Swoop's critical sales support team, Michelle combines her love of the outdoors with her analytical skills, ensuring all Swoop's customers have their trips planned to …

El Chalten hiking


Chloe fell in love with Patagonia somewhat by accident whilst studying for a masters in Psychology. Her first visit to Patagonia in 2016 had her instantly hooked and she has since …

What Our Customers Think

Why Swoop?

Three reasons why you should to choose us to help you plan your Patagonian adventure.

1. We know Patagonia

We lived and worked in Patagonia long before our Swoop days, and we still visit every year. We only help people with extraordinary Patagonian experiences, because it's a region we're passionate about.

What this means for you:

We can give you advice and personal recommendations for where to go, where to stay and what to do. If you happen to be in the area (UK folk - we're in central Bristol), you can even pop into our office for a cup of tea and look our wonderful wall of maps.


2. We work with a network of over 100 local partners

Through our family of kayaking, horse riding, hiking and cruise partners, we've got the whole of Patagonia covered - no one else offers you such incredible regional knowledge. We know all our partners' specialisms and strengths and we can match them up with your needs and budget.

What this means for you:

We'll listen to what you want from your trip and we'll suggest an itinerary, trip or place to stay based on your exact requirements. We rarely arrange the same experience twice. Plus, because we work directly with partners in Patagonia, your money goes to the local community.


3. We'll help you arrange your trip in a way that suits you

You can book your entire, personalised trip with us or we can recommend local partners so you can book trips directly with them. Whatever help you need with your trip arrangements, we can also provide advice and support when you're planning your trip, because we know that creating the perfect itinerary is so important.

What this means for you:

Whether you just want us by your side, giving impartial advice along the way, or taking the reins and arranging everything for you, we'll help you plan and book your perfect trip.

Read more about the two ways to book your trip.


4 Types of Adventure

We'll provide our expert advice during the early stages of your trip planning, to help you decide where to go and what to do. Once we've worked together to create your perfect itinerary, we'll help you in one of the following ways:

  1. A guided, multi-day activity

    A multi-day activity trip, such as a hiking, kayaking or horse-riding trip, can be arranged to fit in with the rest of your plans. Guided trips are typically for small groups of no more than 8 people, but private trips and self-guided trips can be arranged too. We can help solo travellers and couples find like-minded groups to join. Find out more.

  2. A hotel or ship-based trip

    We can help you choose the perfect hotel, lodge or eco camp from which to explore the national parks by day and enjoy fine food and wine by night. Expeditionary cruises are also a great way to immerse yourself in Patagonia’s scenery and wildlife from a comfortable base. Find out more.

  3. A group tour

    Group Tours are fixed-itinerary trips of around 15 people. With set departure dates and prices making them easy to plan around, they can be either a simple and sociable way for solo travellers or anyone on a budget to fit the highlights of Patagonia into a short time frame, or a great core to a larger adventure. We can help you find the right group tour for you. Find out more.

A 2-3 week holiday

    We can help you choose several multi-day activity trips, such as hiking, kayaking or horse-riding trips, and integrate them into your own itinerary. Or, we can plan and arrange an entire bespoke itinerary for you, including flights, buses and accommodation - doing the hard work so you don’t have to. Find out more.

Swoop Says