Life Before Swoop

After adventuring around South America for 6 months during one of my gap years, it was here on this journey that I discovered that one day I wanted to open and run my own little hostel business. Little did I know that this dream would come to life as I grounded my roots and opened up my hostel among the Andes in the gateway of Patagonia, in a place called Pucon in the South of Chile. 

Although my adventures at sea were wildly wonderful, I always felt the mountains calling me and it was here in Chile that I fell truly in love with the landscape and the outdoor adventures that followed. On my quest before the Andes, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice, I sailed around the Mediterranean, dipped my feet in the turquoise waters in the Caribbean Sea, crossed the Bermuda Triangle and discovered cute little villages by water filled with rich history and heritage located on the east coast of the USA. 


Enjoying the clear air of the Swiss Alps

My Patagonia Experience

Whether it's a randoné session through the forest amongst the Araucaria trees (monkey puzzle tree), or skiing down the slopes of one of the most active volcanoes in Chile, or ice climbing on glaciers surrounded by volcanic soil or simply just hiking the peaks at my local national park. Chile, Patagonia, the wilderness, the flora and fauna, this whole region is the most unique, beautiful and tranquil place on planet Earth (in my opinion). 

I write this with the experience of having had the privilege of jumping in my car and driving down south to Aysén and joining the Carretera Austral where I crossed the Comau Fjord and began my adventure by entering Pumalin National Park. On this journey I was able to discover the lake and glacier in Yelcho, see the grand Queulat hanging glacier, and go off the beaten path and discover the mystical port of Raul Marin Balmaceda, it was here where I passed a small part of the salty sea to the port of Quellon and drove up the island of Chiloé. 

On another adventure, I was able to discover another part of Aysén, where I flew from Puerto Montt to Balmaceda, where I hired a car and drove around Coyhaique and made my way to the beautiful Marble Caves located in the largest lake in Chile named the General Carerra lake. On route, I made stops in Cerro Castillo and further down the route I was able to marvel at the mystical and historic ancient cave drawings left by the native people of the Tehuelche who were the first hunter-gathers that have been traced back to 4500 years ago here in Patagonia.


Sunny swing in the Atacama Desert

Day to Day at Swoop

I live and breathe the Patagonian way of life and after living here for 6 years, I can confidently say I have tons of adventures under my belt and am so happy to share my knowledge and help customers create the perfect trip on their up-and-coming Patagonian adventure. 


Hiking in Huerquehue National Park, Pucon