Map of Puerto Varas and surrounding area, Chile

Day Hikes from Puerto Varas

Hiking Puerto Varas can take a number of different forms. There are multiple accessible day hikes from Puerto Varas to a plethora of stunning locations. Choosing which one/s to do will be the difficult part! We have listed two of our favourites below:

Hiking in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

This active hike covers a large and scenic section of the Vicente Perez Rosales park, the first park opened in Chile in 1926. The hike takes 6 hour covering 12kms in total mostly on a gravel trail. The trail begins with some steady uphill sections but you will be treated with stunning views over the volcanoes and the lakes that surrounded this section of the park. The Andes mountain range emerges on the horizon as you reach the emerald waters of the Todos Los Santos Lake where you end the hike. On your return journey back to Puerto Varas you will visit the Petrohue Falls, where waterfalls cascade through channels formed by a combination of lava flows and water erosion. (This hike can also end with a night spent in the historic Hotel Petrohue on the shores of the Todos Los Santos Lake instead of returning to Puerto Varas.)

Image of the Petrohue mountains in the distance and forest landscape in front, near Puerto Varas, Chile

Hiking in the Alerce Andino National Park

This national park is located between mountains, volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean. This full day excursion will take you along the coast on the beginning of the Carretera Austral. During this gentle hike you'll cover 16kms taking approximately 5 hours. For those looking for a bit more of a challenge an additional loop can be added of 4kms to visit the Sargazo Lagoon. The trail is mostly on dirt terrain with some uphill parts. Whilst inside the park, you'll be surrounded by the exuberant temperate rainforest, including the old Alerce trees (Fitzroya Cupressoides). The transformation during millions of years of these mountains created a landscape full of rivers, waterfalls and lagoons. During the drive to the park we will make stops at local villages along the road and to admire the ocean view of the first fjord of Patagonia.

Welcome sign at the entrance of Alerce Andino National Park, near Puerto Varas, Chile

Multi-Activity Trips in Puerto Varas

If you can't decide which activity takes your fancy, why not try a bit of everything. Swoop has put together a highly customisable trip based in Puerto Varas, that can be easily tailored to suit you! You can hike the Perez Rosales National Park visiting the Petrohue Falls, enjoy a day of kayaking on the first fjord of Patagonia and enjoy the lakes and breweries on a bike and beer ride! You will be able to decide your own accommodation, allowing you to choose your perfect comfort and budget!

Day Rides from Puerto Varas

Bike and Beer

Ride the back roads, which offer beautiful views of the lake and the volcanoes. Arrive at the first stop of the day, the Chester Beer brewery, which has been producing traditionally brewed beer for 5 years. Continue biking back roads to Llanquihe, bordering the lake with stunning views of the mountains. After the upward parts of the road, a gentle descent leads to Frutillar, with its well-preserved German architecture and the city's cultural movement, linked to classical music and the Teatro del Lago (Lake Theatre). Come to the second craft brewery, The Salzburg brewery, with a beautiful lake view has already had some years of development; their 'extreme' beers are proof of this. Different varieties such as Bock, Stout & Pale delight are refreshing at the end of our journey

Mountain biker out riding in the Puelo Valley near Puerto Varas, Chile

Osorno Volcano

Starting at Vicente Perez Rosales National Park. You will be transferred past Lake Llanquihue to the start of Paso Desolacion Trail. Paso Desolacion is a trail that crosses the Osorno Volcano from the small town of Puerto Clocker located at the shore of Llanquihue Lake, to Petrohue at Todos Los Santos Lake. It is a total 24 Km journey, with cross country descents by volcanic areas and forests. The views, as well as speed and adrenalin we can achieve on this trail are incomparable. We will need all our effort and concentration to reach Petrohue, where the journey ends. After commenting on the trip, we'll have lunch and replenish energy and then return to Puerto Varas in a private vehicle.

Two mountain bikers looking at the Osorno Volcano in the distance, near Puerto Varas, Chile

Day Kayaking in Puerto Varas

Sea Kayaking the Reloncavi Fjord

We start at the mouth of the Reloncavi Fjord, around the first peninsula we arrive in a small cove with green meadows getting to the fjord. Lunch is served around a woodstove in a local farm. Paddle in front of snowcapped Yates and Hornopiren volcanoes, chances to see sea lions and dolphins and a rich variety of birds that can go from Pelicans to Cormorans and even Penguins. Cross the fjord to the entrance of the village of Cochamo, hanging between the Andes and the Pacific. Cochamo valley and its granite big walls is world renowned between rock climbers and also offers incredible places to hike around.

The tip of a yellow kayak on the serene water of the Reloncavi Fjord near Puerto Varas, Chile

Where to Stay in the Chilean Lakes?

Whether you're looking for 5* Luxury or a small Bed and Breakfast to relax after your action-packed days in the Chilean Lake district, there are plenty of places to choose from. All of these hotels will offer you something different with some wonderful scenery of the stunning lakes, mountains, and volcanoes in the area. Take a look at the Hotels that Swoop recommends in Pucon, Puerto Varas and Chiloe Island. 

Hotels in the Chilean Lakes

Tailor-made Holidays

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