3 distinct terrains

Glaciated Andes

The sight of the glaciers of the northern ice cap easing their way down to Lago General Carrera or into the fjords is immense. They can be explored with a combination of boats and on foot. In this area of the Andes you will likely go for days without seeing another soul. The Cerro Castillo range is a forbidding landscape with hanging glaciers and rocky pinnacles, and offers a fantastic four to six day trek. In all these areas you will see glaciated wilderness and very few people.

Aysen Glaciated Andes


The Steppe is the dry land that extends from the Andes to the Atlantic. In Aysen, the steppe is rugged, dry and a great place to experience Tehuelche cave paintings and wildlife. The area above Coyhaique, known as Alto Coyhaique, or the Chacabuco Valley, home to Patagonia Park, are both wonderfully wild and beautiful, and contrast completely with the glaciated valleys and forests to the west. Here you will see guanacos, nandu, condors and, if you're lucky enough, huemul deer and pumas.

Aysen steppe

Temperate Rainforest

Close to the coast, the climate becomes wetter and you find yourself in humid, hugely biodiverse rainforest, dominated above all by the enormous leaves of the nalca (rhubarb). The Queulat National Park has a series of day hikes that head off from the road into the forest and up to hanging glaciers. You can explore the forests that descend into the fjords by boat, whether it be in Queulat National Park or further south around San Rafael Glacier, where it is well worth camping overnight and spending a day in the forests, listening to immense hunks of ice falling from one of Patagonia's most dynamic glaciers.


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