Reasons to go

  • Hone your photography skills in the pristine, photogenic scenery
  • Located along the Carretera Austral, it's easy to fit in a day hike or two to your road trip
  • Trek to the hanging glacier which perches amid the rainforest foliage
  • Keep your eyes (and ears!) peeled for Darwin's frog, a tiny endangered species that loves the sun
  • Kayak down the fjord, looking out for dolphins and seals

Things to do in Queulat National Park


Queulat National Park

Three trails meander through the park. All will take you deep into the forest, where the huge trees are covered with moss, ferns and lichens, but if it's views you're after, the Moraine of the Glacier trail gives you panoramic views of the hanging glacier and the river valley.

Those with an adventurous spirit will love the sense of expedition here, on the Enchanted Forest trail you will cross streams without bridges where you'll have to jump between rocks to continue on the path.


Spend a day on the water, kayaking the peaceful Queulat Fjord. This will be a relaxing day-trip; gently paddling along, you will be surrounded by nature at its best, the untouched rainforest and beautiful waterfalls.

Queulat National Park


The park is rich in wildlife, including the puma, the Andean fix and black woodpeckers, which makes the park the perfect place for a nature enthusiast. If you're lucky, you may even catch sight of Chilean dolphins and seals in the Queulat Fjord.

The tiny Darwin's frog also lives here, a species with an unusual method of rearing young. Around two weeks after the tadpoles hatch, the male scoops them up into his vocal pouch to take care of them until they develop into frogs, ready to be released into bogs. Keep an eye out for this endangered species.

Queulat National Park

Road trip through the park

The Carretera Austral runs through the middle of the Queulat National Park for 70km. Although this is possibly the most difficult section of the Carretera Austral (which has a bit of a reputation for its washboard, sandy gravel stretches), travelling through by car will give you access to all the short day hikes in the park. 

Queulat National Park

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Accommodation within the park is few and far between if you don't want to camp. Our top pick is the group of cosy cabins at Posada Queulat right in the heart of the park: with no internet, telephones or television you can really switch off and immerse yourself in the scenery.

The lodge offers plenty of opportunities for kayaking, trekking, and trips to the hanging glacier. 

Queulat National Park

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