Things to do in Queulat National Park



A series of paths have been created throughout the park to give tourists access to the natural attractions found within. Any one of these treks will give you the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna in the park, and immerse yourself in the peace of nature.

Enchanted Forest Trail

Perhaps the most beautiful trail of the park. The huge trees are covered with moss, ferns and lichens making the hike quite magical, hence the name.
The beginning is flat and easy to hike, but then the trail starts going steeply uphill, streams without bridges must be crossed by jumping between rocks. The trail continues uphill reaching the lagoon at the bottom of the glacier where you will be in awe at the peaceful surroundings.

Moraine of the Glacier

Cross the evergreen forest and climb the moraine of the glacier, this 3200m trail offers wonderful panoramic views of the Ventisquero Colgante, the river valley and the hanging glacier.

Road Trips

The Carretera Austral runs through the middle of the Queulat National Park for 70km, possibly the most difficult section of the road. But if you're looking to explore under your own steam, a road trip will give you the opportunity to discover the wonders of Queulat with a few short hikes.



It may also be possible to enjoy a day on the water, kayaking the peaceful Queulat Fjord. This will be a relaxing day-trip; gently paddling along the fjord. You will be surrounded by nature at its best, the untouched rainforest and beautiful waterfalls.

Posada Queulat - 2


The park is rich in wildlife, including the Puma, the Andean Fix and Black Woodpeckers, which makes the park the perfect place for a nature enthusiast. It may also be possible to catch sightings of Chilean dolphins and seals in the Queulat Fjord.


Where to Stay?

There are few places to stay within the park. We recommend a stay at the Posada Queulat in the heart of the park. Offering a chance to relax in cosy cabins, with no internet, telephones or television you can really switch off and enjoy being surrounded by nature in the stunning scenery. The lodge offers plenty of opportunities for kayaking, trekking and many other activities in the National Park including trips to the hanging glacier.


Landmarks in Queulat National Park

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