Day Kayaking from San Martin

Machonico Lake

A full-day kayaking on the Machonico lake, located 30 km away from the city of San Martin de los Andes on the route of the Seven Lakes, a 20 minute journey by car. Paddle on the pristine waters and see waterfalls, mountain sides covered in lenga forests and snow capped peaks.

The Machonico has a particular orientation; it is very quiet and calm which makes it so ideal for kayaking. We start to get the boats down from the vehicle in order to carry them to the lakeshore. After paddling a few minutes we reach the mouth of the Rio Hermoso river, which we paddle upstream up to Pichi Machonico lake, an almost unknown lake as it lies outside the scope of the most popular tourist routes.

Once on this lake, we sail to its end and stop on a sandy beach - the perfect place for lunch. From here, we return to the starting point, following the same route.

Kayaking in the Patagonian Lake District

Kayaking in the Argentine Lake District

Kayaking in Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

Day Kayaking in the Chilean Lake District

Sea Kayaking the Reloncavi Fjord

We start at the mouth of the Reloncavi Fjord and then at the first peninsula arrive at a small cove with dazzling green meadows. Paddle in front of snowcapped Yates and Hornopiren volcanoes, seeing a rich variety of birds ranging from Pelicans to Cormorans and even Penguins. There are also potential sightings of sea lions and dolphins.

As the journey continues to unfold, cross the fjord to the entrance of the village of Cochamo, hanging between the Andes and the Pacific. Cochamo valley and its granite big walls is world renowned among rock climbers and also offers incredible places to hike around. 

The day includes lunch which will be served around a wood stove at a local farm.

Kayaking in the Patagonian Lake District

Multi-Day Kayaking in the Chilean Lake District

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Kayaking in the Lake District: Landmarks

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