All-Inclusive Adventures

All-inclusive adventures allow you to base yourself in a luxury lodge where you enjoy much more than the amazing architecture, the fantastic restaurant and peaceful atmosphere.  These lodges take quality of service to another level by providing an exciting daily range of guided excursions and adventures to cater to every taste.  You then choose what to do each day.  These are all-inclusive adventures like no other...


Awasi like to think of themselves as offering "tailor made" journeys, rather than "all-inclusive" - a fair assessment given that they offer a 4x4 vehicle and personal guide for each individual room.  These guides help you to plan the whole of your journey, from airport transfers to deciding what to do and what to eat each day.  These guys pull out all the stops so that you need only sit back and enjoy your holiday.  After all, isn't that what holidays are for?

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Explora built their reputation upon being the first luxury hotel group to move into Patagonia and have since expanded to include the desert of northern Chile.  Its Patagonian proposition distinguishes itself through its iconic position at the heart of the Torres del Paine park.  In the Atacama, however, it faces much more competition from equally well-located lodges.  That said, guests always leave speaking of a 'once in a lifetime experience'.

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Like the sister lodge of our favourite stay in Torres del Paine, the Tierra Atacama's philosophy is to be an 'adventure spa' - somewhere that allows you to explore the breath-taking desert landscape as actively as you please, and to return each evening to a peaceful and relaxing retreat.

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The Atacama

Take a look around Tierra Atacama

Alto Atacama

The Alto Atacama stands out for its 'Andescape' philosophy - as can probably be guessed from the photo, the lodge seeks to fit into its surrounding environment in every way possible, whether through its spectacular design that allows it to seemingly merge with the canyon in which it sits or through its "leave-no-trace" schooled, native guides with immense knowledge of the area.

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Comfortable, Characterful Hotels


Centrally located and just a few steps away from the main street in San Pedro, the Terrantai is a crowd-pleaser.  Its pool is designed more for cooling off after a day in the desert heat than it is for swimming, but its varied and tasty breakfast is something that most guests comment on.  All in all, a safe bet for a comfortable stay.

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On the edge of town (about a fifteen minute gentle stroll into the centre), the Altiplanico manages to provide a sense of comfort in what is otherwise a rather rough landscape.  The outdoor showers provide guests with a spectacular chance to gaze at the stars at night in privacy.  Overall, the Altiplanico is a nice place to stay, but it is probably best to eat out in the evening - not that that's a problem with San Pedro's eateries so close.

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In a quiet part of San Pedro, but very close to the main strip, Kimal is kind of like a small and charming adobe village where the bedrooms are individual huts.  Rooms are comfortable, if a little brown (although it is the done thing in this part of the world), and the breakfast is certainly filling.

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Mid-Range Bed and Breakfasts

Poblado Kimal

A charming group of adobe and wooden cabins that form what is essentially an annex of the Kimal (above) only a little cheaper due to things like having to cross the street for your breakfast.  This is hardly an issue for the cut price, pleasant environment and clean and cosy cabins with a personal mini-terrace.

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Don Tomas

Another option that is slightly out on the edge of town, this is not much of a problem given the size of San Pedro - it's only fifteen minute stroll to the centre.  We're told that the friendly staff have varying proficiency in English, but are always smiling and doing their best to help.  A good mid-range hotel with soft, large beds in clean, spacious rooms.

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