What are the regions of Patagonia?

What are the regions of Patagonia?
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Regions and Geographical Landmarks of Patagonia

The major regions for adventure travel, from North to South are:

Also, see our guide to where to go in Patagonia for more information on these places and other less visited destinations.

The major geographical landmarks are:

  • The Patagonian Ice Cap (aka Hielo Continental, or Ice Sheet) - both North and the larger South can be seen when trekking in Patagonia. The Ice Cap feeds nearly 100 glaciers across the region
  • The volcanoes of northern Patagonia
  • The Magellan Straits and Cape Horn, which are visited on Patagonia Cruises
  • The Andes themselves - although they lose some of their altitude as they extend south into Patagonia, they lose none of their drama or majesty. Trekking Fitz Roy and El Chalten allows you to behold the wonderful spectacle of Cerro Fitz Roy's 3,375m peak
  • The Patagonian Steppe - thousands of miles of semi-arid desert lie to the East of the Andes and in their rain shadow
  • The Carretera Austral - the 'Southern Highway' stretches through over 1200km of rugged Patagonian landscape

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Swoop has put together some Google Maps to help you understand Patagonia's Regions, Activities, Hotels & Airports.

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