Life before Swoop

I discovered my passion for the great outdoors when still a teenager. I stumbled upon the mountaineering club at my university during my first semester of studies, and ever since then, being close to nature and engaging in outdoor sports has become an essential part of my life. After undergraduate studies in Economics in Mexico, I decided to further my education with graduate school in Spain and Sweden. After completing my studies, I ventured into the world of market research and consulting. While I enjoyed my career, my adventurous spirit and my deep passion for traveling and immersing myself in the beauty of nature ultimately led me to Patagonia.

In 2016, I made the life-changing decision to relocate to Puerto Natales. It was here that I decided to pivot my career and follow my heart into the world of adventure tourism. This journey has been an incredible and fulfilling one, and I couldn't be happier with the path I've chosen to embrace my love for the outdoors and share it with others.

Minerva At-the-French-Lookout

My Patagonia experience

In 2015, I took a year off from work to embark on an unforgettable backpacking journey through South America. This included some remarkable trekking experiences in both Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia. I dedicated approximately five months to exploring the mesmerising landscapes of Patagonia, frequently crossing the border between the two countries and immersing myself in the region's many highlights.

Among these remarkable places, Torres del Paine holds a special place in my heart. It was the very first destination I visited in the region, and I often refer to it as my first love. I completed the renowned "O circuit," and was truly mesmerised by the breathtaking beauty and grandeur of the park. After more than a year of backpacking across Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia, I made the decision to return to Puerto Natales. My primary objective was to find a job that would allow me to spend the majority of my time in nature and I underwent the necessary training to become a certified trekking guide. For over five years, I had the privilege of guiding adventurers in various areas of the Magallanes region, with a significant focus on Torres del Paine National Park.

In addition to my guiding role, I also had the opportunity to work in the operations team of one of the region's top local agencies. Through this experience, I came to realize that working "behind the scenes" is equally rewarding, as it plays a crucial role in crafting unforgettable experiences for travellers.

Minerva Trying-to-get-warm at the Grey-Glacier

Day to day at Swoop

I'm currently based in Puerto Natales and my goal at Swoop is to use the knowledge and experience acquired over the years to help you prepare in the best possible way for your adventure in Patagonia.

I'm always keen to help travellers have the experience of a lifetime in Patagonia, just like I did years ago.  

Minerva Hiking-to-Las-Torres-lookout

Why I love Patagonia

I will never forget the first time I set foot in Patagonia...

My heart swelled with happiness as I discovered an incredibly beautiful land, and an adrenaline sensation filled me as I felt the wild and changing weather.

After more than 7 years living in Patagonia, I am still thrilled by the characteristic lenticular clouds that adorn the sky, the magical sunrises, and the warmth of the Patagonians.

I adopted the laid-back lifestyle of the locals and use the local saying, "he who rushes in Patagonia, wastes time," to explain it, which basically means to live in the present.

Minerva Bader Lake

Next adventure

I dream of exploring Yendegaia National Park in Tierra del Fuego Island, being particularly drawn to its remoteness and untouched nature.