About me

Life before Swoop


Having caught the travel bug early on in life, I have visited over 40 countries across six continents. My fascination with South America, in particular, began when I encountered some of its diverse cultures whilst studying Spanish at university both in the UK and at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile. During that year I was lucky enough to travel extensively through several South American countries (Chile & Easter Island, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil) and to discover a huge variety of landscapes, cultures, people and experiences.

After returning to the UK, I worked for a major travel company for three years, selling tailor-made tours to Europe. However, South America continued to call my name and I found my way back to Chile through my role with Swoop Patagonia. 

My Patagonian experience 

Throughout my travels around Patagonia, I experienced the region via almost all means possible; self-drive 4x4, plane, bike, hike, cruise and kayak. My accommodation ranged from luxury yurts and deluxe ship cabins to traditional lodges and even couch-surfing with locals! I fell in love with the wildness and the beauty of the landscapes, be it the dramatic mountain ranges of Torres del Paine, the glaciers of Tierra del Fuego, or the turquoise waters of Aysen.

One of the most unforgettable moments for me was watching the Pia Glacier calving right in front of me. A huge sheet of ice fell away from the glacier and crashed into the water below with the most incredible noise, causing waves to surge towards me. What made this moment even better was knowing that it is such a rare sight, shared by only a select few in one of the least accessible corners of the region. 

Why I love Patagonia

The thing I love the most about Patagonia is the feeling of constant awe and amazement. I arrived in the region with a checklist of the main highlights to see and I was wonderfully surprised to discover that it is so much more than that; Patagonia is the landscapes, the wildlife, the weather, the locals, the food, the like-minded travellers, the adventure, the unexpected.

It can be all too easy to fill every waking hour with the main sights but it’s important to stop for a moment and to take it all in.


Day to day at Swoop

Looking for a way to maintain a link to my unforgettable experiences in Patagonia, I joined the Customer Experience team at Swoop in June 2021. Although no two days are the same in my role, I dedicate myself to offering unrivaled personalised service to all of my Patagonia explorers, and to ensuring that all customers return home with wonderful memories that they will cherish for years to come.


Next adventure

As a native Welsh speaker, the top item on my to-do list currently is to explore the region of Welsh Patagonia and to discover more about this small slice of Wales in South America. I would love to learn about this fusion of cultures first-hand and perhaps even join in a game of rugby with the locals! 

Another highlight of the region would be to join a kayak excursion off the Valdes Peninsula to see the Southern Right Whales.