Life Before Swoop

I grew up in San Pedro, a small town by the Parana River, roughly 100 miles from Buenos Aires.

I’ve always loved being in touch with nature, fishing, sailing, biking, rock climbing you name it; and I still do so every time I have the chance.

Once I finished studying Hospitality I worked in several hotels in Argentina and then spent a year and a half in both the US and New Zealand; before travelling the world for 18 months.

With the experience acquired during my trips, I decided to make a living off it by helping other people plan their trips and 7 years ago I started working as a travel agent.

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My Patagonia Experience

I love Patagonia as it is one of those places where there’s a lot of diversity, and you feel very insignificant at times, bringing you down to earth and thinking about what people are doing to these amazing places.

Patagonia has it all if you’re an active person, and it also obliges you to slow down when the weather is too hostile.

I think to get the most out of Patagonia—you have to earn it. If you are looking for an amazing view, you’ll need to hike for a few hours…

I love that about Patagonia. The constant feeling of achievement.

Agustin at Grey Beach, Chile

Day to Day at Swoop

I’ve been building itineraries for holidays in the region on a daily basis for the past 7 years.

As a Patagonia Sales Specialist, I get to encounter new people every day and on top of that I have the opportunity to show off my country and the region I choose to live in (Patagonia), guiding travellers in this amazing area of the world.

Agustin at Ushuaia

Enjoying the Ushuaia landscape

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