Why We Like This Hotel

Set in the old 'Frigorifico Puerto Bories', a cold storage plant dating from 1915, the Singular was renovated and restored to glory, declared a national monument in 1996.  It mixes local history with luxurious guest rooms and service. 

This combination is evident in its guided excursions which, rather uniquely among the all-inclusive offerings in the Torres del Paine area, focus on both a sense of adventure as well as and understanding and appreciation of the local history.

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Dates and Rates

The rate of US$ 680 per person, per night includes:

  • A private seating area in each bedroom
  • Full board (except premium alcoholic beverages)
  • A selection of daily expeditions
  • Transfers between the hotel and Punta Arenas or Calafate
  • Use of spa facilities

Room Types

Stay in one of 54 rooms at the Singular  offering comfort and a calm atmosphere. Each room has a 6 metre-wide window giving you the chance to wake up to a view out over the Seno Ultima Esperanza Fjord.

Luxury, 70-metre suites are also available, offering a huge 12-metre window overlooking the fjord.


Other Ways to Explore Torres del Paine

Getting There

The best airport to use here is Punta Arenas (PUQ).  At least a 3.5 hour flight from Santiago, the Singular provides transfer services between the airport and the hotel.  This second leg of the journey normally takes a little over 3 hours.

Alternatively, you can fly from Buenos Aires to El Calafate airport (FTE) where the Singular also provides a transfer service to the hotel.  The transfer, however, is a 4-5 hour journey, and involves a border-crossing.

Check out our digital map to see the location of the Singular and its surrounding landmarks and nearest airports.

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