Where can I stay in Torres del Paine?

Where can I stay in Torres del Paine?

Types of Accommodation in Torres del Paine

Luxury Lodges

From USD 700 per person per day, all inclusive

Places such as the Tierra PatagoniaAwasiExplora and Singular give you the opportunity to experience the Paine range and its surroundings from a luxurious base.

You will have a beautifully appointed room in a superbly designed lodge. By day, join excursions with small groups and expert guides to the best and most secluded areas of Torres del Paine. You'll spend your evenings in comfort with a spa service and top restaurant waiting for you. If you are lucky enough to be able to base yourself here on a trip to Torres del Paine, then you simply must do it as you'll have an unforgettable stay.


Eco Yurt Camps

From USD 300 to USD 550 per person per day, all inclusive (price varies depending on time of year)

Staying at an eco yurt camp such as the Patagonia Camp or the EcoCamp is second in comfort only to the luxury lodges. Shelter from the elements in fantastically cosy yurts - a perfect romantic hide-away after hiking in the mountains all day. The atmosphere here is a bit more relaxed, and the staff a little more easy-going. Best for those looking for a comfortable bed to sleep in each night, but who still want to feel connected to the surrounding environment.



Hosteria Torres Exterior 2

c.USD 400 per person per day, all inclusive

c.USD 350 per person per night, bed and breakfast

There are a number of hotels with exceptional locations, set in beautiful scenery, such as Hosteria Torres, Hotel Lago Grey and Pampa Lodge. It's a pleasure to gaze out of the window when you wake up in the morning. However, some of these hotels are rather old and haven't been renovated to keep up with the times.

If you do decide to stay in a hotel, there are two reasons you might want to consider their all inclusive packages:

  • Travel is not as easy to organise in Patagonia as it is elsewhere in the world. Using one of these hotels as a base is difficult, as there is often only one walkable route from them, and they do not connect to one another.
  • Reaching such hotels can be difficult due to the size of the Park, the conditions of the tracks inside it, and a distinct lack of road signs.


Estancias are a key part of the Patagonian heritage and lifestyle and the estancias in Torres del Paine are a great base from which to explore the region on horse-back. However, for those less inclined to spend their trip on a horse, estancias are best used for a short, one-night stay after a tiring W Trek, on your way to the next stop of your adventure. They provide an interesting feel for the cultural ways of the locals for a day or so but most people tend to move on after that.

Estancia Laguna Amarga

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Refugios are warm, friendly, convivial places with dorm-style rooms shared between 6 people, hot meals, and showers.

When trekking from refugio to refugio, there is no need to carry any camping equipment or food, and bedding or sleeping bags can be provided. You are provided with a fresh breakfast and supper, as well as a packed/boxed lunch of a sandwich and snacks.

The meals are canteen style and often filling but not of a high standard. Refugios are sociable places and the shared dorms and communal dining mean that there is a lot of camaraderie with fellow trekkers during the evening, which is great for solo trekkers. You can buy beer and wine, and often there is a small shop to buy snacks and basic groceries.


There are 3 different types of campsite in Torres del Paine:

  • Refugio campsites with well-maintained toilet blocks, hot showers, and shelters in which to sit, cook and socialise. You will need to pay to use these camps. Meals are provided inside the refugio and they can supply tents, bedding, and sleeping mats, so that you don't need to carry more than a day pack.
  • Secondly, there are basic free campsites which are quite busy noisy and poorly maintained. There is a basic toilet and a park ranger keeping order.
  • Finally, there are some really quiet and more remote wild campsites with no facilities. These tend to be high in the valleys; there is one in the Bader Valley and one high in the Silence Valley called Camp Japones.

Camping on the W trek route allows you to trek independently on a budget, or you can explore deeper into the Park on the full circuit.


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Torres del Paine - How We Can Help You

Patagonia offers a huge range of experiences and opportunities and not everything is right for everyone. With our network of local partners, we can help you create a Torres del Paine itinerary tailored to your needs.

  1. Choosing the right accommodation.

    With so many different options for accommodation in Torres del Paine we can help you to find the right lodge, hotel or yurt camp to suit you. 

  2. Finding the right trek

    We can help you to choose from the vast range of trekking options in Torres del Paine.  Many of these hotels and lodges offer day hikes providing you with the chance to explore the main trails from a comfortable base. Discover more about Day Hikes in Torres del Paine.

  3. Combining Torres del Paine with wider Patagonia.

    We can arrange fully packaged trekking holidays for couples and groups of friends to visit two or more national parks for couples and groups of friends;  either privately or joining groups for selected parts of the trip. Discover more about Tailor-made adventures.

Finding a group tour to join

    Many of our group tours visit Torres del Paine National Park, they range from luxury to rugged, overland trips. Group Tours are typically for 2 to 3 weeks and explore all the main sites, with a fixed departure date
. Discover more about Group Tours.

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