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White water rafting on the Futaleufu Guest blog post with Adriana Radwanski from H2o Patagonia

H2o Patagonia is a white water rafting company based on the edge of the world-famous river, the Futaleufu in the Chilean Lake District in Patagonia.

H2o offers white water rafting for all ages and abilities and an all-inclusive adventure lodge where you can relax in the hot tub and enjoy a cocktail or two after a hard days rafting. They also offer trips for families and student groups, that can choose from a ranging of rafting, horse riding or trekking activities.

Adriana has spent considerable time in Brazil, Uruguay, The Netherlands, Panama and the United States. Always looking for a new challenges, Dri arrived at H2O Patagonia for it’s first season as Massage Therapist & Spa Coordinator. She is now responsible for coordinating trips and she’s in charge of administration. I asked her about H2o and the Futaleufu:

What’s special about the Futaleufu location?

Futaleufu is a small town located on the foots of the pristine Andean mountains in Chilean Patagonia. Patagonia is of the least explored regions in the world, making this a very special place and providing an incredible landscape in which guests can enjoy the different activities.

Sum up this region in 3 words
Magestic, breathtaking, inspiring
Why do you think H2o is rated no.1 on Trip Advisor?
A personalized adventure is what you’ll get with H2O Patagonia. The dedicated staff and guides work to make your stay comfortable and memorble by creating a friendly, inviting atmoshphere full of smiles and cheers. All your needs, and more, will be met while relaxing in rustic luxury at “camp.”

The same attention to personalization is given during all the adventures. Professional guides demonstrated expertise in their trade and knowing just how much to push guests in order to provide maximum enjoyment and personal feats through adventure.

And let’s not forget the food! Great breakfasts with variety for all, amazing picnic lunches during the adventures, and dinners that surpass expectations! And once again, personalized to your dietary needs.

What do you offer that other rafting operator’s can’t?
The lodge is located on 175 Hcts of land in which one has a view of the Andean mountains and at the same time overlooking the river.
How long has H2o been running for?
2011-2012 will be our 8th season.
Is rafting on the Futeleufu available for everyone or just experienced rafters?
It’s for everyone over 16 years of age and the only requirement is to know how to swim
Which is your favourite programme at H2o?
Relaxing in the hot tub and drinking a cold beer (That’s my personal choice! I’m not much of a rafter!)

How can you relax at H2o?
Hot tub in the afternoons, cocktails, massage, reading in front of the fire in our Patagonia style Quincho, strolling around the farm, we provide yoga mats for those who enjoy stretching on their own.
What’s the best way of getting to H2o?
The best option is coming through Argentina via Buenos Aires and from there taking a domestic flight to the Patagonia town of Esquel which is just a 1.5 hour drive from H2o’s riverside lodge. We highly recommend spending a night or 2 in Buenos Aires which provides many cultural activities and entertainment, aside from great steakhouses!

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The best time to go rafting on the Fualeufu is during the Patagonian summer months and once there is lots of glacial meltwater. Late December is the best time until about mid April.

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