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7 Hotels in 7 nights: Night 2, Hotel Indigo in Puerto Natales

Quite a different experience from the classical style Hotel Kapenke in Calafate, the Hotel and Spa Indigo is located just of the main road in Puerto Natales, with views over Last Hope Sound. I’ve visited Hotel Indigo before and been impressed with both the rooms, spa, decor and restaurant but this time i actually stayed for the night before going into Torres del Paine.

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The Hotel is unique in its style and atmosphere and they’ve created a modern and stylish place to relax, which can be a bit minimalist for some people. However, I would stay there for the spa alone. On this trip in Patagonia I’ve been to a lot of hotels to look at the facilities and of all the hotels, Indigo have done the best spa. On the 4th floord, it’s petite but a lovely area to unwind, with 3 small beds to lounge on and several mini beds too. The two jacuzzis are outside on the roof and the water is really hot meaning you can stay out there for ages looking out over the fjord. There are also two massage rooms, with different types of massage on offer (a good place to reward yourself if you’re tired after trekking). However massages incur an extra cost.

The food was another serious plus point. I decided to eat in the restaurant as the food looked so good, and I wasn’t disappointed. They had a range of seafood and meat on offer, and I decided to go for the scallops in parmesan cheese which I’ve since learnt is a bit of a speciality in this part of Chile. Needless to say, I didn’t just get one or two scallops like I was expecting, but a whole bowl and it was really filling. As you can see from the photos, breakfast was also plentiful and delicious. It consisted of fresh fruit (kiwi and orange fruit salad), pastries, muffins, hams and cheese, toast and yoghurt. They also offered small jellies which looked interesting.

Now onto the all important night’s sleep in the Corner Room (of which there are two).. the corner room had two windows with views out over Last Hope Sound Fjord, which was really nice and meant the room was very light. The open plan bathroom makes the room feel bigger, as does the light coloured wood and decor. It was lovely that whilst I was at dinner someone had come into the room, lit some candles and turned all the lights off apart from a sparkly light strip behind the bed, it made the room feel very relaxed. The bedding was very comfy and the room wasn’t too hot or too cold which I was pleased about as I’ve generally found that the heating gets turned up pretty highly in Patagonian hotels when it’s cold outside. My only qualm with my night at Indigo would be that I heard people opening doors during the night/early morning which woke me up, but I am a very light sleeper, so that probably didn’t help. I usually take earplugs wherever I go to avoid this, but I forgot to put them in..

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