Review of Hiking and Kayaking in Torres del Paine

We speak to Tim about his trip to Patagonia and Atacama. He talks kayaking, hot springs and hiking.

What did you think of Patagonia and how was your guide?
The W-trek was very good and the guide, Julieta, was excellent. The accommodation was all very good and the hot tub at the Los Cuernos cabins was well worth the extra. There were two others on the trek, a couple of 19 year old americans, so it was a very small group adventure which was fine for a honeymoon. One thing we weren’t ready for, probably misread the trip notes, was having to carry everything we needed for the 4 days in our rucksacks. Fortunately we managed to cram everything in with some rapid repacking.

How was the kayaking?
There were just the two of us on the Rio Serrano kayak trip with a scottish couple acting as guides. We got on very well and had a great time – shame it was only two days. We did the full river trip in one day in the hope of kayaking at the small glacier close to the ferry but there was too much ice in the entrance to the lake.

What was your top highlight?
The kayaking and the Taito Geysers – swimming in the thermal pool while the air temperature was below freezing – in Atacama.
What was the Atacama like, would you recommend it to others?
The accommodation in Atacama was booked as part of a package with Altiplanico Discover and we recommend it if you have other people wanting something similar. Unlike some of the larger, all-inclusive hotels, the Altiplanico  was within 15 minutes walk of the center of town so fine for just strolling in to eat at night. The Tatio Geysers and salt flat with flamingos were the best of the tours.

What do you think of Swoop and the operators that we recommended?
All in all a great holiday and we are happy to recommend yourselves and all of the companies in Chile. Even LAN managed to pull their finger out for the return flight!