Hiking and ice trekking around Mount FitzRoy

In November 2011 Sarah, Amy and Felix flew into El Calafate for 5 days in Patagonia and went hiking and glacier trekking in the area around Mount FitzRoy. They were kind enough to send some photos and share some thoughts on ther trip, and on Walk Patagonia who supported them.
What did you think of Patagonia?

We had a fantastic time trekking (and ice trekking!) in Patagonia. The hikes themselves were just what we were after both in terms of the actual hiking and the landscapes (apart from the snow storms, though there’s obviously not much that can be done about those!). What a stunning part of the world.

How was your guide?
The guide Zoe provided for us, Peru, was fabulous – his English was very good, he was very knowledgeable about the area and was fun company.
What was the top highlight?
The whole experience!

What do you think of the operator that Swoop Patagonia recommended?
We thought Walk Patagonia were great. We were also very impressed by the little extras from Zoe – the very tasty pack lunches, the good recommendations for eating, driving us to and from the bus station, obtaining extra gear, meeting us on the trail when our friend hurt his ankle, the suprise bottle of wine when we went camping and always being super friendly and helpful.