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Luxury Camp Torres del Paine Review


Christa returned a few weeks ago from a trip to Torres del Paine where she spent two days exploring the area based from an environmentally sustainable eco camp in the National Park. Here she tells us about her adventures…

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What was the highlight of your trip to Patagonia?

All of it was wonderful. The Base of the Towers trek and the warmth of the staff would be highlights.

Do you have any tips for other people who are planning a trip?

Try to plan around the standard pick up times/days. The fixed days can be limiting.

Tell us about your guide…

Jorge was amazing. Real, informative, kind, generous, prepared. I only wished I heard all of his explanations as I was often in the back of the van and couldn’t hear the voices up front so well.

How did Swoop Patagonia do in helping you plan your holiday, and finding the best trip or operator for you?

Wonderfully accommodating, attentive and solution oriented. Albeit out of my price range, these guys really rallied to find me amazing lodging in a very limited last minute time frame with diligent enthusiasm.

Was there anything that you wish had happened differently/or not happened at all?

Wish I didn’t have to leave at 5 am on my last day out. More flexible transfers in and out would be my only suggestion.

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Luke Errington

Founder and MD

Luke fell in love with Patagonia when he first trekked through the Andes some 15 years ago. In 2010 he founded Swoop Patagonia and since then has trekked, ridden and paddled thousands of miles throughout the region.

At home in Bristol he's a dad of three, and a keen trail runner and adventure racer.